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If your anything like me and on the move every few years, its sometimes necessary to get creative in terms of decorating your kitchen. As military families we are often limited to the changes we are allowed to make while renting (so I have learned how to be creative). You can transform a rancher style house into a cape cod theme if you make the right decisions in terms of decorating. (Photo from Pinterest)






We all have our wish lists for our “forever” homes when our hubby’s retire and we settle down in once place (for more than 2 seconds lol). Our butcher block countertops, shiplap walls, farmhouse sink, and the list goes on for me anyways. I even have a “Forever Home” board on my Pinterest lol!! Someday (a girl can wish can’t she?). So until then for those of you in the same boat as me here are some tips to brighten and lighten up your kitchen space.


It’s funny how making a few key changes can completely revamp your kitchen space. For our family hr kitchen is the “heart” of our home. It is where we share stories about our days, and we come together (if for only those few minutes) each night. For me a kitchen should be a happy and comfortable place, but also somewhere that you can have fun making a mess in. (Photo from



The first thing I do when we move in each new home is to put up some kind of window decor. Whether that be a window shade, curtains, or a valance. I love pops of color and this is a perfect place to express your style. The patterns and fabric choices are endless just make sure you are allowing for all that natural light to come in. You want to maximize your light in your kitchen it can open up your whole room. (Photo from



Paint you cabinets (if you are allowed)

Most places  you rent the landlords are all about improvement (sorry for those of you in base housing this probably isn’t an option). I love white cabinets but that is not for everyone so be creative and switch things up. You can always paint your upper cabinets a different color then your bottom cabinets. This gives the whole kitchen character and you will love the end result for sure.




Lighting can make or break your kitchen. I say the bigger the better in terms of light fixtures you want something that will brighten up the entire room. Update outdated light fixtures and you will be amazed with how much it can change your view on the space.



I am all for tile or back splash when revamping a kitchen. It is decorative and well plain and simply gorgeous. You have so many choices in this area as well. You can go with something simple with a farmhouse feel, or be super creative and throw in some color. Subway tiles are one of my favorite choices and offer a different look then a more traditional back splash.





You may or may not have a kitchen island. If you don’t have one but have the space to add one this is where it gets fun. You can make or have a custom island made (to match your lower cabinets) which will may everything look cohesive. If you don’t have the space for a huge island there are tons of options like a rolling cart or and old antique piece you can up-cycle into an island.



Seating is key to adding character. You can have fun and add in different chairs mix and match for your dining table or your bar stool area for your island. You want cute but don’t forget comfort as well. I love adding vintage chairs (you can paint any color to fit your decorating theme). You can also recover any fabric that may need a new look. (Photo Pinterest)




What would a kitchen be without a little shiplap. Now you may not be able to go all out and do the entire room, but maybe you can swing an accent wall? Even having just a little will help you scream farmhouse.



Last but not least one of my favorite changes that can be made is changing out a typical pantry door with an old antique door or even a glass door. This helps you add charm and stay organized (you don’t want a messy pantry for your guest to see win-win).

Long story short is just be creative…think outside the box make the changes you can make even if they are temporary changes). Even the simplest of changes can transform and entire room for the better. Happy hunting for those perfect accents and most of all have fun decorating.

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