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gulpSo my day begins like most people I wake up and grab by phone to see what I missed while I was sleeping. Check my Instagram feed (because I am slightly obsessed with it lately) really I am I may have a problem lol. The roll out of bed quick shower (I wish I could say I spend hours getting ready each day but that would be a lie). No time I have too much to do….Now don’t get me wrong I put makeup on and put on clothes (most of them have paint on them). You may say why do you paint in your good clothes? Well that is never my plan but as a crafty individual, I never know when I have to put another coat of paint on something or when I will get a creative burst (no time to change). 

See as a creative person you don’t know when you will be inspired. see my world is a little different as an artist then other people’s. When you have a creative outlook you kind of see things through rose-colored glasses so to speak. You look at things so differently.  I can literally wake up with a new idea or see something that inspires me to the point I have to creative as soon as possible. Forget walking through a craft store my juices get flowing and I can walk out with tons new projects I had not even thought of yet.

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(I had these green vintage suitcases collecting dust in the garage and one day I woke up and thought lets make a table out of the larger one. And that is exactly what we did! I love that my husband can be just as inspired as me and can help me bring my visions to life)


FmWhen you are creative you are just that creative. Your mind is always turning and dreaming of new projects or creations. It is not something you can turn off (trust me I  have tried..it can be exhausting). My husband gets irritated some times at all the last-minute ideas I draw him to help me (I have no patience when I have something in my mind and need to bring it to life). But hey don’t  be mad at your creative person in your life they truly cannot turn off that switch that makes them who they are. Time is often not something I am even focused on when I am in a creative state. I can forge to eat and even sleep sometimes when I am charged with an idea. I cannot put a timeline on my inspiration it comes and goes.


CoffeeSo once I am awake and showered its time to check on the kids…feed them…water them…and throw in a load of laundry. The downstairs to start a cup of coffee and load of dishes. Once that is done is time to check my social media for orders and comments and give my responses. Also run two Facebook auctions so I have to make sure all my events are created, albums are made, items are listed and all which that entails. To those who think I am on my phone having fun (you have no idea lol). I am working always working. If I am not trying to spread the word about my small business through advertising I am networking. So much goes into trying to become a successful entrepreneur in the online community. It is all about building relationships and bonds with other sellers to network and market what you do.

Then the fun begins it is time for shipping. This takes up about 2-3 hours of each day for me. For those who say I should only ship 1-2 times a week that is unrealistic for me. I have about 10-20 packages a day I ship out and I want to provide my customers with the fastest shipping process. So when something is ready it is shipped out as soon as possible.


relaxSo after shipping and invoicing is done it is time to create. This means designing and cutting stencils or vinyl, cutting wood and frames, and painting. This takes up a good 5-7 hours a day if not more. I am always working it is just who I am. I have to be active there is just something in me that does not know how to rest. I am fueled by my creative side and sometimes those around me don’t understand it and tell me to “slow down” it is just who I am.



ordersAs a creative individual I have watched myself grow as an artist. I have come from someone who could not keep a brush steady to someone who can paint without a stencil if I need to. It is all about messing up and trying again. The more you do something the more you will master it right? But don’t ask me to figure out dimensions I am the idea girl and I leave the execution or bones of the idea to the hubby (I hate math).


(A typical day in my house.)

One thing that gets me down is if someone asks “Are you ever going to get a real job?” Oh this one hits a nerve so deep I have to take a deep breath even as I type it out. I work harder than most people I know. I am so driven and hold myself to a higher standard than anyone else could. My work ethic is why I can’t “relax”, “slow down”, or “delegate” and to imply my work is easy well is so off-base. My days are never-ending, 7 days a week.


photo1main-2I am always working and sometimes I wish I had a job from 8-5 but that just isn’t for me. I am also my own worst critic some of my items I just look at and fall in love with, and others I just want to throw away lol. But I am also someone who wants to soak in all I can in terms of creating. I want to learn and read about new ways to create all the time. I have learned I like to freedom to create and will now tell people what I think will work and wont work as in the past I would just bite my tongue. But I am good at what I do and I need my customers to have the best so my opinion is what I can give them to guide them.


(Husband made this table from an old pallet and it is one of my favorite pieces.)


flash saleSo after my long day of crafting I make dinner, fold laundry, put dishes away, and time to water the kids. Get them their baths and ready for bed. Once they are settled I will slap another coat of paint on some signs or whatever will help me get one step ahead the next day (never happens lol always two steps behind). Then it is time to settle down in to bed. Now mind you as a creative person we have already clearly stated my mind is always on the go. I have a very hard time sleeping so I am usually up to about midnight. I take this time to again check in on social media, list items in my shop, or run flash sales on Instagram. So much to do and not enough time. Whats funny is I set unrealistic timelines on myself. I think I can do it all and do it quickly with no help.


enjoylifeI went to the doctor to see if he could help me with my “not sleeping” issues. So we had a little chat and he said these wise words to me “So your business is growing, and yet you are only one person?” I said “Well yeah I guess that is how you would put it.” His reply was “Well when Target grows they hire more employee’s so what makes you think you can grow and still maintain and keep up with all the aspects of your business on your own?” “You either need to hire people to help you or you need to slow down?” Now I get that it all sounds reasonable but in reality it is not something I can do. I can’t teach someone else to be creative like me it is just something people possess. So I do what I can do to keep up that’s all I can do for now.


boysNow in the midst of my crazy filled days don’t get me wrong I spend time with my kids, I take breaks and we go out to eat or movies etc. I do make time for my family and we take tons of vacations even if it is just for the weekend. I am blessed for all I have in my life to say the least. I am someone who loves deeply and it can be contagious that’s for sure. I can talk to anyone just about anywhere. It drives my husband crazy but I love to meet people and I love to talk. I blame it on being cooped up in my craft room everyday. One day I hope to have a store where I can sell what I make and just talk to people as I craft each day. I don’t need to be wealthy I just need to love what I do and provide for my family while I am doing it.


photo2chalkboardsI learned from my mom growing up (she is where I get my crafty creative side from) that you can be young at heart at any age. When you are creative you have this “young” grinder into your soul.   I can still remember my mom skipping along singing “I am a Toys-R-Us Kid” theme song as a child. She is so young at heart and taught me how to laugh and paint and just let my creative side flow out of me. Even with a college degree this is what I choose to spend my days doing. I would not be happy in an office behind a desk. I am who I am and I am proud of the hard work I accomplish. I am sharing my works of art with my customers to display all around the world. How cool is that?



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