February Ipsy Bag Review

 feb glamA few weeks ago we did a blog on Ipsy and had a great response, so I wanted to share with you what was in my February Bag. For those who missed it and who don’t know what Ipsy is, it’s a $10 a month beauty subscription. Tipsy sends you 5 beauty products in a themed makeup bag. Ipsy gives each customer a survey when signing up, which allows Ipsy to better understand your individual preferences, style, and facial features. If you ever feel as though you are getting products you don’t enjoy, you can change your preferences at any time. Ipsy also provides you with discounts to the brands they include, as well as the option to rate/review products for points that you can redeem for additional products. Continue reading

Great Wolf Lodge Adventure

GWL HotelSo what do you do a week after your house gets broken into you ask? Well the Zock’s decided to head to Virginia and go to Great Wolf Lodge. We have had a hard week trying to feel safe again in our home…so we thought maybe getting the kids out of the house would help us all breathe a little easier for few days.

We woke up Wednesday Morning and decided to leave North Carolina in our rear view for a few days. Our stress level has been high and no one has been sleeping well so we decided a little fun was in order. So after super speed packing….. we were on our way to Williamsburg Virginia. The kids have begged for years to come to Great Wolf Lodge, but it always seemed a bit out of our price range to rationalize. Well we had no idea about the deep discounts that they had if you just do a little bit of research (Thanks Tiffany). So here is a little about our adventure, the resort, and the discounts they offer.

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How To Start A Freezer Meal Club


So if you are anything like meal dinner is such a struggle. I never have anything planned out, and to be frank I never want to make it (Ha but so true). Trying to figure out what to make is as hard as trying to figure out what the kids will eat. No one likes my food and no one thinks I can cook so why even try? So one of friends recommend I try to start a Freezer meal club with some of my friends. I had never even heard of it but somehow I was already sold. I was let’s say all in….When can we start? Let’s do this…..

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Life Hacks

lifeIf you are anything like me you see Facebook posts or SOMETHING on pinterest and you thinking “man that’s a good idea”. here is a compilation of those head shaking idea that have you saying “i should have THOUGHT of that”. Simple life hacks that can make every day a little easier.

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Home Invasion: What Next?

HSHIts everyone’s nightmare, your home, your save-haven is broken into by intruders. The anxious feeling that you can’t shake. As a mom I have no idea how to comfort my children. How do you help them believe that this will never happen again, when you truly thought it never would happen in the first place. These thins don’t happen to you,  this is something that happens to other people. Continue reading


Peb 2Pebby Forevee is derived from simply being a woman who had nothing to wear. (aka ME!) I have curves, and I like them! But apparently clothing designers do not. I got so sick of being uncomfortable in
clothing especially in the summer time because let’s face it -you are less-dressed in the summer. I felt like a sausage stuffed into a synthetic casing. I taught myself how to screen print & with my love of graphic art I started to sell on Etsy where my business took off so fast I could barely keep up with it.


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KRylon product review

DIY sea glass

Krylon® Glass Paints add a colorful touch to any glass surface. This decorative finish (Sea Glass) Stained quickly transformed this old frame glass to gorgeous in a matter of minutes. I also used the Waterfall Chalky Finish Spray on the wooden part of the frame. It quickly transformed something old into something new. Krylon® Glass Paints are available in a wide range of colors that allow you to add creativity and personality to your home decor. Make sure you prep your item beforehand by thoroughly washing and drying entire surface, this will ensure a smooth finish.

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DIY Vintage Sewing Bag

DIy Vintage CCCThis vintage inspired sewing bag is so adorable and has a shabby chic feel. You can truly transform this project and make it into your own just through your choice of fabric. By choosing a homespun fabric you make it look more primitive. You could also tea -stain some muslim and add lace to give it more of an antique look. By simply changing the fabric you can transform this to look aged or look new depending on your preference. So many options, sew little time.

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Simple DIY Fabric Letters


DIY fabric Letters 1

Let’s get sewing this Spring, sew many projects sew little time. Below is one of my favorite DIY sewing projects for any beginner mom itching to get stitching. When you look for a project try not and get intimidated. Look for a DIY that has clear pictures and step-by-step directions. This will make a world of difference. Follow these directions to the “T” and you should do just fine

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Urge to Splurge

Sometimes we just want to spoil ourselves with makeup and beauty products. We all deserve it once in a while don’t we? Im my case I often can’t fight the urge no matter how hard I try. However when you do spend a little more you want to ensure you are getting a high quality product for the money you are spending. Here are some tips when you are in the mood to shop, but not sure what to splurge on. These items are Haleigh proof and I give my stamp of approval on each one. You will not be disappointed.

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