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It’s crazy to think I have been a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) now for 4 years. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May of 2012 and that is the day my life changed (Safe that story for another blog.) I always enjoyed working it gave me a sense of purpose. Being a SAHM comes with so many obstacles and challenges. I will be honest and tell you I recite the serenity prayer to myself at least twice a day. It can be exhausting, lonely, challenging, and so rewarding at the same time. It can be hard to find your groove, and learn to balance it all on your own. Continue reading

Top 10 beauty Products Under $10

Top 10 under $10 By Haleigh Ratosky

If you’re anything like me, saving a buck where you can is ALWAYS a plus. Being a full time student, just buying a house, and saving up for a wedding can be pretty expensive, so cutting costs where I can is essential. These are my top 10 beauty (hair, skin, nails etc.) products that I can buy for $10 or less. A photo and place to find the products are included, so it is easier for you to purchase the items.

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Toddler Valentine Crafts

Valentine’s Day is almost here and the kids are ready to craft…as a mom I love the homemade crafts the kids make. Nothing warms my heart more than watching them create. I love fast, simple, easy, cheap crafts the kids can do right along side me. Me and the kids did a valentine craft this week and we wanted to share it with our reader’s. Here is a unique twist on valentine….Crafting as easy as 1…2….3…… Continue reading

Two Broke Moms

Like my mother I have always made sure my kids have everything they need (and then some) according to my hubby. When I look back on my childhood we weren’t well off, but my parents worked and we had a house, car, food, and clothes so we were comfortable. We didn’t have all the fancy things other kids had, but my my mom made sure we had new in style clothes for us every new school year.

As moms we make sure our kids have what they need, whether that be physical items or just love and emotional support . I have this yearning to make sure my kids have good memories to grow with them. So I do my best and truly that’s all we can do as moms or wife’s or whatever role we have in life. Just do to others as you would wish they would do unto you. The kids will fight the same fights you did with your siblings (who sits up front, whose turn it is for whatever item they are fighting over) etc. But cherish every minute for one day you will look around and your house will be a quiet home and you will miss those sounds that used to irritate you. 

It’s funny how one day I woke up and I could see everything through my mother’s eyes. All the phrases she used to say over and over became so clear in my mind. I felt an enormous amount of guilt for what I put her through as a child. I hope my mom is proud of the daughter she raised, and the mother I have become. 


“Wonder Wendy”

Wonder Women! I always wanted to be her (and don’t get me started on her outfit LOVE it!!!!!)
Now (Back to Reality) I am a whole other kind of super hero! I am a mom and some how find a way to do it all (just kidding, time to do some of it anyhow.) As moms we are somehow able to find the strength to bake those cookies for the kids school fundraiser. Somehow able to decorate for all the major holidays (The Shopping aspect of that is so easy) however making it look like A Better Home & Garden magazine cover not so much (That takes mad skills.) Oh and hey of course we can make all the kids costumes by hand for the school play (We have a magical wand that just gets stuff done.) So as my husband plays his video games or takes yet another nap on a Saturday afternoon I think to myself it’s ok “I got this!!!! I have days when I think or want to say to him hey be happy I put makeup on and brushed my hair! Props to all the moms we can find the energy do everything for everyone (but ourselves it seems.) Reality is my kids are only in school 6 hours a day so I won’t be spending 2 hours a day primping (wishing I was naturally gorgeous.) And I won’t be setting my alarm for 5 am to do it either life is too short, I’m ok with yoga paints, hair in a bun, and paint on my face! It’s just who I am! Our struggles are real as moms and as much as I wish Spider-Man could spin me and web to nap on even if for just a few minutes (Reality Sets In) and Everyone says one day when they are all grown up your going to miss this! And my reply “I’m just trying to survive them.”

Tips For Walt Disney World

Tips on Walt Disney World? Me and my family have been wanting to go for quite some time. Looking for best resorts closest to the park and any other tips and tricks readers may have for us? walt disney tips, tricks, mickey muse, orlando, secrets Since we are active duty military we do get the theme park hopper tickets pretty cheap so need to focus on. Hotel and food options? Is the trip going to cost the same price as a economy car or can we get it done for a great price?

Bed Frame Collecting Dust?

Find a bed frame on the side of the house collecting dust (or the side of the road, we don’t judge) Yes – on the side of the side of the road or dumpster dive!!!Your community is completely full of more important pieces! This one was probably intended for scrap wood (They saved it.)

Next, you chop it up and stuff. Really. I don’t know exactly what they did to it. But I do know that they used almost all of the bed. The sides are the bed rails. The front is the footboard, minus some of it – so you could actually sit on it. And I know they took great care in measuring the seat height before he chopped things up. Lot’s of measuring was going on.
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DIY Big Leagues!

Some people just know how to make the coolest stuff. For the rest of us, figuring out all the details can be the toughest part of fun DIYs. Luckily, there are a multitude of DIY bloggers out there, toiling away in their studios and giving away their secrets for free. Why buy a lifeless picture frame or salad bowl without adding some of your own taste and flourish? Our projects may not always turn out perfectly, but here’s to aiming for perfectly Instagram-styled blogger perfection (or, at least, an honorable mention on Regretsy).

1. A Beautiful Mess
This is the DIY big leagues, folks. Sisters Elsie and Emma have a whole support team behind their blog. (It has major swag, so it shows.) There are DIYs for days—and years—along with recipes, fashion makeover stories and beauty tutorials. If strictly DIY is what you’re after, you can find the goods in projects like telephone bookends, a burned wood salad bowl and horse pillows with 3-D manes.