ST1So I have been busting at the seams to share this company with my readers. I am always looking at her site to see what new products she has to offer and what project she is working on. Jessica is the owner of “Sweet Tea” and a mother of two boys and also a fellow military wife. She is originally from South Carolina but currently stationed in Kansas.

I asked Jessica how she came up with the name “Sweet Tea” for her business and she told me she knew her business would need a southern name because of her love of the South. Her and her hubby tossed around some names and he came up with Sweet Tea and when she heard it she knew that was it. Jess is all about representing the south wherever she may be living. Continue reading

Spring is in the air….

So I absolutely adore this time of year. Cool breeze, flowers blooming, and the bright colors that surround me. So I wanted to do an article about some of my favorite Spring products and buys.


Mary Kay True Dimensions Lip Stick 

mary-kay-true-dimensions-firecracker-191013         MKL

This lipstick blends so easily and Mary Kay has so many color choices you can easily find one that fits your spring mood, whether it be fearless or fashionable. The lipstick enhances contour and dimensions of your lips while giving you a look of fullness and plumpness.  Bonus these are Infused with advanced skin care ingredients, and leave your lips feeling hydrated all day long. Continue reading

Military Missions In Action

 MMAMichael Dorman is the Founder and Executive Director of Military Missions in Action (MMIA), a non-profit organization committed to assisting veterans with disabilities to achieve independent living while also supporting active servicemen and women and their families. Founded in 2008, the North Carolina-based organization has provided over $5 million in aid to local veterans with the help of more than 2,000 local volunteers.

Dorman’s history in the military, serving 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, and years spent as a contractor following his retirement, inspired him to put his skills to use helping fellow veterans.

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Letters to Heaven….

I wish hevenI often wonder if I could write you a letter and send it to heaven what would I say? I think about what our last conversation would be, had I been given the chance to say goodbye. Somehow death always seems to find a way to haunt us. Most of the time we do not get to say goodbye to those we have lost.

So if I could send you a note, where would I even begin? I know I would tell you how much I miss you, and all the things I never said when I had the chance. I would ask all the questions that run through my head “Why didn’t I get to say goodbye” “Why didn’t we have more time together” and “Why did God take you away so soon”. Continue reading

Finding Your Place….

surviroEveryone always says you’re so lucky, you’re a survivor. Truth is it is exhausting. I am tired of the fight, tired of the bumps in the road. I am tired of bobbing and weaving what life has thrown at me. I am strong my life has proved that ten times over. How many times must you get knocked to you knees before life gives you a break?  How many times must you prove that you will face life head on and surpass the crappy hands you are dealt?

I was once someone who was healthy and that changed in the blink of an eye. I had to relinquish control and put my life in someone else’s hands. My life as I knew it would never be the same. Continue reading

We Are Army Wives…What’s Your Super Power?

Super PowerAs Army Wives we have to get creative when finding work that will travel with our soldiers. Let me tell you ladies the struggle is real. For most military wives that is our label and our identity. But that couldn’t be further from the truth for most. Oh trust me we love our soldiers to our core, but most of us have our own goals and dreams. Now those can be much harder for us to achieve being “Married to the military” but not impossible.

Our husband’s work hard during their military career to achieve rank and recognition so why can’t the wives work to achieve as well? We don’t need to just have hobbies and interests, we can have careers and dreams. It is ok for military spouses to want something beyond taking care of our children and our soldier like a good house wife should (Ha little 50’s humor).

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Walmart Beauty Box…Are they Worth It?

WMBI’m sure you probably thought the same thing I did when I saw the word Wal-Mart and beauty subscription together: WHAT? As weird as it sounds Wal-Mart and Target have beauty subscription boxes! This article will talk about what I received in my last Wal-Mart Beauty Box in detail and let you know my opinion on if they’re hot or not.



First of all I personally subscribe to many beauty boxes and I receive the Wal-Mart beauty box (I am working on getting the Target box once it becomes available again). Both boxes are quarterly subscription boxes so you receive one box every 3 months (Spring ,Summer, Fall and Winter).

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The Real Army Wives

love2Living life as a military spouse can sometimes be challenging. Families are often faced with many obstacles. Raising children while your spouse is deployed, celebrating holidays and special occasions alone while your soldier is fighting for our freedoms. Soldiers are often missing life milestones such as soccer games, award ceremonies, and graduations. So I wanted to take a moment and ask military spouses reasons on why they love living the military life. And these are their responses. Continue reading

Vets Prevail: Support For Veterans

VP 2VetsPrevail is a leader in digital behavioral health and resilience building. The program serves as a critical first step for veterans struggling with mental health issues and readjustment to life post-deployment. VetsPrevail provides online care that is personalized to each individual’s unique clinical needs and demographics through a combination of peer coaching, online communities, and interactive lessons.

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Good Old Days

good oldI am one of those people who wave at others when I drive by. I am also the person who let’s the car go, who is trying to merge into traffic. The person who talks to strangers everywhere I go (Drives my husband CRAZY)….

What happen to the good old days where people talked to their neighbors. Everyone was always outside working in their yards exchanging tools and cookware. What happened to the days of sitting on the back of the truck, on a dirt road, watching the sun set.

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