Good Old Days

good oldI am one of those people who wave at others when I drive by. I am also the person who let’s the car go, who is trying to merge into traffic. The person who talks to strangers everywhere I go (Drives my husband CRAZY)….

What happen to the good old days where people talked to their neighbors. Everyone was always outside working in their yards exchanging tools and cookware. What happened to the days of sitting on the back of the truck, on a dirt road, watching the sun set.

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Dear Husband….

ponytail-red-carpet-DIY-beauty-hair-06Dear Husband,

I know you go to work each day and probably see women along the way, dressed so nicely, hair and  makeup done to a T. With their high heels and dress clothes looking smoking hot. Then you come home each night to me, your simple and frumpy haired wife rocking her pony-tail, cut off t-shirt, and my yoga pants.

Well to be honest these feet haven’t seen high heels since my 20’s. There are so many reasons my hair isn’t curled and I’m sporting a 5 minute make-up job. So many reasons my hair is messy and I have stained jeans. Being comfortable is just my thing. I am a mom and most days it looks like I just rolled out of bed, and trust me I probably did. Most days I look like I have the flu, and feel like it to. But this letter is to explain the reasons you should love my pony tail and be grateful for all it represents.

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