Dear Husband….

ponytail-red-carpet-DIY-beauty-hair-06Dear Husband,

I know you go to work each day and probably see women along the way, dressed so nicely, hair and  makeup done to a T. With their high heels and dress clothes looking smoking hot. Then you come home each night to me, your simple and frumpy haired wife rocking her pony-tail, cut off t-shirt, and my yoga pants.

Well to be honest these feet haven’t seen high heels since my 20’s. There are so many reasons my hair isn’t curled and I’m sporting a 5 minute make-up job. So many reasons my hair is messy and I have stained jeans. Being comfortable is just my thing. I am a mom and most days it looks like I just rolled out of bed, and trust me I probably did. Most days I look like I have the flu, and feel like it to. But this letter is to explain the reasons you should love my pony tail and be grateful for all it represents.

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Bullying 101: Part 2

if peopleBullying is defined as unwanted and aggressive behavior. This is not a one time behavior it is repeated over and over again. It could be a threat, rumors, physical or verbal abuse, or exclusion. Kids play many roles in bullying such as be the bully, be the kids who is bullied, or witness the bullying. With all these roles it is important to work to prevent and give our kids the tools to know how to respond to bullying.

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Stop Bullying! Step Up & Be The Parent You Should Be

bully 1As parents it is our job to teach our kids that it is ok to be who they want to be, and to be true to who they are, with no regrets. As parents how do we protect our children from bullies? What if our child is different and a target for bullying? We as parents can love every little piece of our child, but there is so much hate in the world how can we shield them from it? How do we protect them from that hate? We trust the schools to teach anti-bullying, but yet kids are still being tortured, hurt, and teased. We don’t walk the halls with our children, so in reality they are left alone to deal with bullies day-in and day-out. So here it is plain and simple if you haven’t already step up and give your kids the tools they need to survive this hate and to stand up to bullying.

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