Dear Best Friend…

jess 2Dear Best Friend,

I can’t believe it has been so long since we last talked…. I never thought that this would happen to us. So much has happened since the last time we talked and I feel like you have missed everything. I often want to pick up the phone and call you, the time just seems to keep passing. It seems so crazy that we aren’t as close as we once were, but I feel like I could still trust and tell you everything without a second thought. You have always been my “person” and that will never change.

You have always been the one I could count on for well just about anything. You were my go-to person when I needed to cry, yell, shout, or share both good and bad news with. You Are My Person that will never change.

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Rae Dunn Pottery Addiction

Ray 1So I am the first to admit, I think I have an addiction to Rae Dunn Coffee Mugs (Ok let’s be honest all Rae Dunn products). The addiction starts with picking up the occasional mug when you run across one. Then followed by a tea-pot, canisters, cheese plates, OMG anything you can get your hands on. I guess if you look on the bright side I could be addicted to something far worse so this isn’t all that bad right? This is the moment when my husband is literally rolling his eyes wondering why we need 15 coffee mugs( when I am the only one who drinks coffee in the house).

So let me set the stage….a few months back I wondered on to a military wife Facebook page and it changed my entire world. The name of the group is “White Walls” and sharing the most awesome home decor is the game. I could spend hours scrolling the page looking at the most amazing home decor. These ladies also share my love and passion of “Target”. They show how they decorate and stage their homes and find the most amazing pieces. Now I am not going to lie I WANT IT ALL!! Continue reading