My Reality During Deployments

bobbiFirst let me introduce myself, my name is Bobbie and I have been a military spouse for nearly 5 years now. Our family consists of my soldier, me, my daughter, a son (on the way), and 2 dogs. We have been stationed at Fort Lewis, WA and now currently at Ft. Knox, KY  (and are due for another move soon). Having 3 deployments under my belt in 5 years (husband is currently deployed), I can personally say each deployment has had it’s own issues; each differing from the other.

I am a very honest person, and I want to tell the true experiences I have endeavored through each deployment. In no way am I intending for this blog to be solely about the spouse, because lets face it, a deployment affects both parties (soldier & spouse). However, each party has a different perspective on deployments and effects them differently. I am sharing my personal experience because, that is the only one I know. Continue reading

Beach Body Health and Fitness Coach Tiffany Fisher

tiffBefore I start to tell how wonderful Beach Body is as a company and organization, I want to tell you about myself. I wasn’t always in shape, have the greatest self-image, or even healthy for that matter. It has taken years for me to achieve a sense of self-worth.

My first struggle was was to be born without a thyroid.  In case you’re not sure exactly what the thyroid gland does, it produces your metabolism.  So I was told from a young age, I was going to struggle with losing weight. It still amazes a lot of people, that I’m as thin as I am.  Thankfully as a child my amazing pediatrician diagnosed me as early as he did.  


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Spring Walmart Beauty Box

BB1So I just received my first Wal-Mart Beauty Box and let me tell you I was actually sort of amazed at the contents. Now just to remind y’all these boxes only cost $5…yep only $5 how awesome is that? So I am super excited to tell you about the contents and how you can sign up. Who doesn’t want to receive a little something for just ‘you” each month? I know I do nothing is sacred in my house, and sad but true nothing seems to be just mine….so with a house full of 3 boys the “Beauty Box” is all mine.

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Spring Makeup Favs!!

SFSpring and Summer are all about fun, color, and the warm sunshine weather. So of course why shouldn’t your makeup match the season? I’m going to share with you my must have beauty products for Spring and Summer. These are products I think everyone needs (to bring on the warm weather). I’ve made a list of one product (for each category of makeup) that I feel is best start to creating that perfect spring/summer makeup look!




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