3 Stages To Transform Your New Home On A Budget

3 Stages To Transform Your New Home On A Budget

Picture by Carlos Diaz

Purchasing a new home is expensive and has most likely eaten away at your savings leaving you next to nothing right now to renovate your house to your desired tastes. However, you needn’t worry, there are a few cost-effective stages you can follow to update your home on a budget, some of the resources you may already have in your cupboards or your shed. Follow the stages below to get going.

1st Stage – Spring Clean

A regime that will instantly freshen up your new home if it looks, feels and smells a bit drab is a spring clean. Schedule a few days where you will commit to giving your home a cleaning overhaul. Alongside this book in the professionals to take care of the areas that may require some expertise, such as, a chimney sweep to get rid of any debris and blockages, local window washers to make your windows shine, and a professional oven cleaner to remove the build-up of tough burnt grease marks in the oven. Spring cleaning differs to regular cleaning as it includes the parts of the house that usually neglected, such as above the door frames, wiping the walls, scrubbing the tiles and so forth too. Following your spring clean your new home will look better, brighter and smell divine. Your first stage for freshening up your home with the use of a few cleaning supplies is now complete.

2nd Stage – Update The Decor

To revive your new home on a budget search the internet for bulk batches of emulsion in a neutral color to cover tired, outdated decor. Providing you’ve washed the walls as mentioned above, the walls will be ready for a fresh lick of paint, you could get the family involved to save on hiring a decorator too. All you need is a few of paint rollers and trays, some old sheets for protecting the floor, some paint stirrers (wooden spoons) and masking tape to edge the ceilings and walls to prevent the paint from seeping onto the skirting boards and ceiling. Opting for lighter colors will create the fresh look you desire, in either white, ivory colors, pale greys or even a light blue. However, when choosing a color, ensure it matches up with the flooring too. And there you have it, your house has received a facelift which hasn’t cost the earth.

3rd Stage – Accessories And Hardware

If the previous owner has left their light fittings, they might not be too your tastes or may appear worn. Here you have a simple, cost-effective solution to install new lights to bring the decors potential up to the 21st century. You may choose to change the old lights to shades that reflect the colors used during the painting stage above. Furthermore, other accessories in the home you could alter are the doors, the kitchen worktop, faucets, and the surfaces around the bathroom sinks. For DIY fans, you could paint the doors and surfaces yourself, however, ensure the paint you use is tried and tested for your specific surface material.

Now that your home is almost ready without costing you more than necessary you can almost begin to move in your things. To complete your homes fresh new look, a simple but effective addition any home is plants. With bringing the outdoors in hosting a whole range of benefits, selecting a few plants to plot around the house can provide you with a budget-friendly solution to complete your transformation.

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