3 Things You Can Do with a Large Room in Your Home

3 Things You Can Do with a Large Room in Your Home

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Having a large room in your home that you’re not quite sure what to do with is, let’s say, a pretty good problem to have. Sure, it can be harder to cool or heat a large room, but there’s a lot that you can do with it if you set your mind to the task.

All too often, people with large homes, and oversized rooms to spare in those homes, end up using their free space for nothing more sophisticated than chaotic storage.

It’s not exactly uncommon to walk around a large home and be impressed with how tidy and well organised it is, only to then open the wrong door and see mountains of clothes stacked haphazardly all over the place, along with assorted bits of furniture, memorabilia, and general-purpose clutter.

Instead of doing that, here are a few suggestions for things you can do with a large room in your home.


  • Turn it into a home gym


Now, depending on the type of workout equipment you’re planning to use, and the kinds of exercise you’re planning to do, a “home gym” should ideally be set up in a garage. This is definitely the case if you’re going to be deadlifting, for example.

All the same, a large empty room in your home can be turned into a pretty good “home gym” of sorts – particularly if you’re going to be using workout equipment like resistance bands, stationary exercise bikes, and Pilates equipment, there.

Exercise is extremely important for health and well-being alike. Creating a home gym can help to reduce some of the mental resistance to the idea of exercise. After all – if your “trip to the gym” is literally a trip down the hallway, it’s harder to justify skipping a day.



  • Turn it into a library and study


Fewer and fewer homes these days have libraries and studies on them, which is a real shame. In an age of hit TV shows and blockbuster films, sitting down to read a book can be an excellent way of slowing the pace of your thoughts, and delving deeper into a topic, or a fantasy world.

There’s also just something innately more satisfying about holding physical books in your hand, collecting them, and seeing them fill the shelves over the years, than there is with having an e-reader.

Treat your library as a “no-tech zone” and get some deep reading done.



  • Use it as a quiet contemplation area


Sometimes, life is just a bit too hectic, and we need to find ways to turn the volume down, get away from the constant flood of information that we are all exposed to on a daily basis, and take a few deep breaths.

Simply having a room in your home as a quiet contemplation area – maybe with a comfortable sofa, and a few bean bag chairs – can be more satisfying than you might think.

\When you want a midday nap, or to just take it easy for a while, you can retreat to your quiet contemplation area and do some meditation, praying, or even just creative thinking.


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