Simple DIY Fabric Letters


DIY fabric Letters 1

Let’s get sewing this Spring, sew many projects sew little time. Below is one of my favorite DIY sewing projects for any beginner mom itching to get stitching. When you look for a project try not and get intimidated. Look for a DIY that has clear pictures and step-by-step directions. This will make a world of difference. Follow these directions to the “T” and you should do just fine

DIY: Sew Simple Craft Letters

This is a great project for people just learning to sew it is pretty simple. The stitches in this project are straight, which makes it pretty easy for moms like me with no sewing talent. It may take some time to get the hang of it (what doesn’t in life.) But this is not hard, and well worth it in the end. Here is how to get started.


1: Gather your materials. Now I recommend not going to the fabric store alone. You may black out and buy way more than you need and you cannot be held accountable for your actions. In my project I used old clothes that reminded me of my boys. Old blankets, clothes, kids team sports shirts (I had been saving these for a quilt I will never have time to learn how to make.)

I recommend buying fabric that is on sale, it can be very addicting. Most fabric stores have sales bins where you can get under ½ a yard and this would be perfect for this particular project.

DIY Fabric

Next you will need cotton batting and a fabric marker. The batting I used cost around $8 (always look for a coupon) and you will only need about a ¼ of it depending on how many letters you make. The one I used is pretty good quality you can probably find a cheaper one. But hey whatever is left over can be used in another project down the road so save it (start a craft closet now, you’re going to need it.) Hint: Using pinking shears will help your letters have a better end look (special scissors, marvelous at cutting fabric.)

DIY Letter supply


I split this project up over a few days (chaos that is my life.) I spent a day cutting fabric. You will need to cut a top piece I recommend a patterned fabric, and then a bottom piece recommend a solid fabric. You will also need to squares of cotton batting for the middle. I then printed letters and traced them (fabric Marker) right on to the fabric (so helpful.) Then you will want to pin the pieces together and start sewing!!

DIY Letters CCC

You will want to sew along the lines that you traced. It is pretty easy just take your time, slow setting recommend for new DIY crafters. Now the tricky part is to cut out the inside of the letters for a few of the shapes (R, O, P, D, A, B, etc.) You will need a very sharp pair of small scissors to maneuver this part of the project.

DIY Sew over

Once you are all done sewing the letter you can use those pinking shears we referred to above and clean up the fabric along the edge of the letters.

DIY Trim

This was such a fun and easy craft. You could do this for boys, girls, and so many fabric choices depending on your interest or the kids of course. My set was tailored for my little ones playroom to help them become more associated with the alphabet. However thee could be made to match a nursery or a classic look to go in any room of the house. Your children will love to play with these soft and fun looking letters. They will sort them, identify them. This is a hands-on learning tool for children, which is a win-win for mom.



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