4 Things That Can Ruin Your Home’s Curb Appeal

4 Things That Can Ruin Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Do your neighbors regularly point and tut when looking in the direction of your home? That might well be the case if what we say in this article is true to your home. You see, first impressions matter, so no matter how nice the inside of your home looks, if the exterior is unkempt and shabby, you could be single-handedly responsible for lowering the house prices in your area! Okay, so we are exaggerating a little, but in any case, if you don’t want to incur the wrath of the local neighborhood association, and if you would rather add value to your home than reduce it, consider the following things that can ruin your home’s curb appeal.

#1: Clutter


Is there litter spilling out on your drive from your waste bins? Are your children’s toys littering your garden and walkway? Is last year’s Christmas tree still perched against the wall? To improve your home’s curb appeal, you need to get on top of the mess outside your home. Buy bigger waste bins, recycle anything that you don’t want to keep, and form good habits within your family to ensure the outside of your home stays clean. Your neighbors will thank you for it!

#2: A neglected lawn

Do you remember those posters you put up asking people to look for your missing cat? You could take them down, as chances are, if you haven’t mown your lawn for months, she may well be hiding in the increasingly long grass. Get the mower out if so, but be careful of poor moggy as you go. And you might want to cut down the bushes and tree branches that are intruding on next door’s home too, or if they are too chaotic for you to manage, you might consider hiring a tree doctor to do it for you. Get your garden sorted, and not only will you stop the grumblings of your neighbors, but you might also get to enjoy it once the summer months kick in.

#3: Contrasting colors

Does the mailman shield his eyes every time he walks up your driveway? Have you painted much of your exterior, from your garden fences to the garage doorway in every color of the spectrum? Then beware, you may have reduced your home’s curb appeal. While it’s perfectly okay to add color to your home’s exterior, you should focus on understated colors from within the same color family to make a better first impression. For an exploration of these and other suggestions, check out these useful tips to better decorate the outside of your home.

#4: Chipped and peeling paint


And on the subject of paint, check for any areas that have become worn with age. Not only does chipped and peeling paint look unsightly, but it could also be symptomatic of other issues, such as spots of damp around your home’s exterior. So, call out the relevant person to conduct any repairs on your home if need be, and then get to work with your paintbrush, remembering our last point by choosing a color combo that is pleasing and not horribly blinding to the naked eye.


So, take a walk around your home’s exterior today. If you notice anything that we have said today, from issues with your curb appeal to the withering stares of your neighbors, get to work and improve your home surroundings. House prices will go up, your neighbors will retreat indoors, and you will have a more pleasant home to return to each day!




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