4 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

4 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

There’s much to love about winter, especially when it comes to our homes. It’s a period when we all set in for a few months of hibernation. We barely do anything outdoors, and who would want to anyway? It’s cold out there. Until spring returns, our homes will be our refuge. But there are some added risks during winter that you’ll want to consider before getting too complacent. Take our tips below, and you’ll be on your way to ensuring that your home is kept in tip-top condition all through the chilly months.


What’s Happening Outside?

There can be extreme weather during fall and winter, that’s why it’s so lovely to be inside. However, while we might feel immune from the storm when we’re tucked up inside our house, the truth is that those blowing gales and storms have the potential to do us harm. Before the winter becomes too extreme, walk around the edge of your property, and look out for any dangerous overhanging branches, which, in the wrong conditions, might break off and cause damage to your home. You’ll also want to store your garden furniture away in your garage, less a heavy gust of wind sends it crashing into your property.


Getting Things Serviced

You’re going to be using aspects of your home that might not have been used since last winter, such as your heating and your fireplace. Because both of these things have the potential to cause great damage to your home, it’s important that you’re getting them serviced before you use them. A chimney cleaning and inspection service will ensure that there are no unwelcome surprises when you first light up your fireplace when the cold sets in. A boiler check won’t just keep your house safe, either – it’ll also ensure it’s in good enough condition to make it through the winter, which means no cold showers.


Be Careful With Candles

There’s nothing better than grabbing a blanket, lighting some candles, and curling up on your couch for a few hours of reading. Yet while those candles might be beautiful to look at, it’s important to remember that we are talking about an open flame, and if you’re not careful, it could quickly cause you big problems. Make sure your practicing safe candle conduct, and always triple check that it’s fully out before hitting the hay or leaving unattended.


Securing the Home When You Go Traveling


Winter is good…but it can get old pretty fast. If you’re taking a trip to sunnier climates to get your dose of vitamin d, then make sure your home is kept safe and secure – criminals prefer the winter since it’s darker earlier – and for longer – and there are fewer people on the streets. You can ask a neighbor to park their car on your driveway, tell your snow-shoveler to carry on shoveling even though you won’t be there, and add motion sensor lighting so would-be criminals who approach your home think twice before carrying on with their plan.



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