Retro Chic Touches That Can Make A Big Impression On Any Farmhouse

Retro Chic Touches That Can Make A Big Impression On Any Farmhouse

One of the great things about the modern farmhouse look is its eclecticism. It has a traditional, yet timeless feel that won’t alienate those whose tastes veer more towards the contemporary. It’s a style that’s permissive of clean lines and natural fabrics, but it also embraces asymmetry, scuffs and scratches. While it would be misleading to say that anything goes in the farmhouse aesthetic, it’s certainly a style that affords one a lot of wriggle room and personal interpretation. The timeless look and feel of the farmhouse style is advantageous to those who want to imbue a degree of retro chic to their home’s aesthetic.

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Why go retro?

Retro chic is nothing new. Home decor, like any form of fashion has a cyclical nature to it, harkening back to the past while offering a modern twist. However, retro stylings are particularly popular at present. Why? The jury’s out. Some may argue that in a time of great political and economic uncertainty there’s comfort to be found in our fond memories of yesteryear. Others may argue that our brains are simply hardwired to feel gratified by feelings of nostalgia. Whatever the reason, many of us love to pay tribute to the past in their home decor. If this is where your tastes lie, here are some retro items that can make a big impression on any farmhouse without compromising its aesthetic…

Great big bean bags

Want to invite some ‘60s/ ‘70s hippy chic into your home? Giant bean bags like this Lovesac alternative are a great way to do it. The great thing about bean bags, apart from their infinite comfort, is that the interchangeable outer covers allow for a great deal of customization meaning that you can change your bean bag’s appearance in accordance with your mood. What’s more, if you spill something on it, the cover can easily be thrown in the washing machine!

Retro tech

Vinyl and record players have enjoyed something of a resurgence of late. Aside from the unique sound that we get from vinyl records, the new generation of record players has also helped to buoy this wave of nostalgia. Today’s record players offer a modern twist on a range of classic designs from the ‘60s and ‘70s, the heyday of vinyl. Want to dive a little deeper? There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers on the market which are styled to look like wireless radios from the ‘50s.

Bold feature walls

Modern farmhouse tends to favor simplicity and minimalism when it comes to wall coverings. Muted tones and a limited color palette is usually the order of the day. However, if you want to embrace a time when new printing techniques allowed for bolder wall coverings, a feature wall adorned with retro wallpaper is a great way to inject a flourish of colorful nostalgia without compromising the quintessentially farmhouse look.

Formica and chrome dining tables

Last of all, nothing says “50s nuclear family” like the kind of formica and chrome dining tables at which baby boomers would have sat for breakfast with their parents. It’s an unmistakably retro yet surprisingly unassuming look which is easy to integrate into a modern farmhouse dining room.

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