Peb 2Pebby Forevee is derived from simply being a woman who had nothing to wear. (aka ME!) I have curves, and I like them! But apparently clothing designers do not. I got so sick of being uncomfortable in
clothing especially in the summer time because let’s face it -you are less-dressed in the summer. I felt like a sausage stuffed into a synthetic casing. I taught myself how to screen print & with my love of graphic art I started to sell on Etsy where my business took off so fast I could barely keep up with it.



I specialized in off-shoulder shirts that were slouchy where they needed to be for comfort, but sexy in a subtle way. I found out women everywhere had the same problem: we wanted to look & feel sexy without sacrificing our desire to be comfortable. So after 2 years, Pebby Forevee had grown into a monster house & the fees accumulating on Etsy were becoming outrageous & I was being held back by their limitations. I decided I had to move to my own platform where I could sell what I wanted & how. I now sell on pebbyforevee.com & in boutiques all across the country.

I just moved back to Ohio this past summer where I am now a single mom of a baby girl (Sometimes marriage is a bummer. womp womp.) and am still running the business with my 2 wonderful assistants & my baby girl wrecking the house while we do so. We do everything from my house: making the screens, cutting and sewing of the shirts, creating emulsion, burning the images, packaging, and shipping…all of it is done here! I have a great team.
I love my job. I love what I do, but more importantly I love making women feel good about themselves. Pebby Forevee is customized comfort: you can choose what color, style, and graphic. For example, if you don’t like your arms. (a common problem… no one likes bat wings.) I would suggest an off-shoulder style that shows a little neckline but hides the part of your body you don’t want to show to the world. I offer my shirts in 4 styles: Off the shoulder, muscle tees, cropped top, and crew neck.

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You can choose how you want to feel- and how you want to look- without resigning your desire to be fashionable. I like to say that Pebby Forevee gives you the capability to confidently display your personality without having to actually say a word. We have expanded into selling unisex tees as well as kid’s too.





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What we do is personal to us, and we want it to be personal to you too.

Elizabeth is such an awesome person and I leo looking at all her new products she comes up with. Her shirts are soft and great quality you wont want to take them off ( I SWEAR).  You will love doing business with her and her staff.

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