6 Ways To Make Your Home More Accessible

6 Ways To Make Your Home More Accessible


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As we are all settled into our individual homes, we all feel as though we have a pretty flawless environment around us. We have our own little plans and designs that were in our vision since the day the home was purchased.

One thing’s for certain, though: human error is always going to show its face. It’s totally natural – nothing is one-hundred percent perfect. There will be times where the home isn’t quite fit for a situation, or there’s a bit of a problem that needs solving. If this kind of thing has hit you before, then you’ll know the frustration. If you want, we can have a little chat about some of the things that may have hindered your home in the past and maybe we can come up with some solutions.




The first thing we’ll talk about is a simple one. Just give everything a good tidy up. You probably have some stuff lying around that isn’t needed – everyone does! Some of the unwanted items could be taking up a little space, so maybe some decluttering and it might be easy to get around.




Similar to the last idea. Having a nicer and neater place would make it easy to get to certain areas. We’re not saying you are living in a sty, but even the loveliest places need a change-up. You may have a door that’s blocked a little by the end of a table or a sofa. You may need to rearrange some other furniture as it’s not quite the best way to reach certain spots.




You might have a few steps to walk up before you get into your front door. Even two or three could feel like a mountain to climb for someone with impaired movement or needing a wheelchair. A little ramp might seem insignificant but it could go a long way for some people. Handrails are also a smart idea for people who may struggle to move well.  


Car Garage


Pretty much every homeowner on the planet has a garage that’s full of junk. You forgot to take it out, or you’re just too overworked, and you want to leave it in there. You could plan out a little day of cleaning the garage and getting rid of a lot of stuff – it would make the place more spacious and accessible. If you have multiple cars and you’re struggling to fit them in, you could use a garage lift to make more space. Though, making the garage larger would probably be another good idea here!




We talked briefly about steps leading into the home, but if you have an upstairs, that could become quite the task for those who struggle. A stair lift is always a smart option to have – sometimes people NEED to go upstairs to use the bathroom or find something important, so it wouldn’t be a bad investment. Making sure you have a good, firm handrail is important too.




If you have a lovely, clear, open garden, then it should be of little worry to you, but for those who have a bit of a maze out back could maybe clear things up a little. Try to keep things low maintenance. Similarly to the entryway, perhaps you could install some ramps for impaired people to use.


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