7 Improvements That Can Add Value To Your Home

7 Improvements That Can Add Value To Your Home


When upgrading your home, it makes sense to consider if and how those changes will affect the value of your property. After all, if you’re going to improve the house, you want to know that it’s worth your money. Almost all properties appreciate over time, but with planning and some hard work, yours could earn even higher rewards. This means that, if you ever choose to sell your house, you would make a significant profit. Unfortunately, most people are unsure of which upgrades to pick. With that in mind, here are seven improvements that add value to your home.

Replace The Front Door

First impressions matter, and you only get one chance to make them. If a potential buyer comes to view your home and the curb appeal isn’t up to scratch, then they’ll assume the rest of the property isn’t either. This will cast a shadow over the whole viewing and affect their bid. For this reason, you must make sure that the front of your home is attractive and welcoming. Replacing the front door goes a long way, but, if you can’t afford to do this, then painting it works well too.

Add An Extra Bedroom

The value of a property is greatly affected by the number of bedrooms it has inside. This means that adding an extra bedroom will usually increase the sale price of your house. Additional rooms can be created by converting existing space, like a loft or garage, or by dividing up the space by adding and removing walls. Just be aware that there is a ceiling value for properties in every street. At some point, you will hit this mark, and any further investment will result in a loss.

Embrace An Open Plan

Modern day family life is incredibly busy. Because of this, more and more families are looking for homes that allow easy socialization. Opening up the space in your home will do just that. When there aren’t walls diving the kitchen, dining, and living room areas, members of a family can spend time with one another while still doing what they need to. Although potentially incredibly rewarding, this renovation is complicated, so make sure that you work with a professional.

Upgrade The Kitchen Area

A clean, attractive, and practical kitchen is a must for both valuation surveyors and buyers. Before you remodel the entire space, however, you should consider the fundamentals. If you don’t need to make structural changes, for example, then you can save a lot of money. More often than not, it’s the cheaper upgrades, like replacing faucets and cupboard doors, that make the biggest difference. You don’t need to spend a fortune to give the room a new lease of life.

Boost The Energy Efficiency

These days, we have become much more aware of the impact that we’re having on the planet. For this reason, many buyers will be more than happy to invest a little extra if it means that their new home is green. There are many ways to improve the energy efficiency of your property, from replacing the windows to installing insulation. You might even want to buy solar panels, from a company like Solartime USA. Switching to energy efficient appliances is very beneficial too.

Tidy Up The Garden

As important as your interiors are, you can’t afford to forget about the outside. The garden is an essential part of any property, especially those aimed at families. It must feel like an extra space for relaxing and entertaining, rather than just a plot of grass. Building a decking area will give buyers a sense of having a bigger living area. You don’t need to buy expensive water features or tame fancy flower beds to make a garden appealing. It just needs proper maintenance.

Solve Any Structural Problems

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your home is, if it’s suffering from structural issues, then this will affect its value. Because of this, you must have an expert come to inspect your property. They will be able to identify any problems that you might have, such as a leaking roof, rising damp, or an insect infestation. Once you know what these issues are, you can begin repairing them. This can be a costly process, but it will save you money in the long run.

If you’re planning to improve your property, it makes sense to choose upgrades that add value. Even when you’re not planning to sell your home any time soon, the improvements listed above will be incredibly rewarding if you ever do.





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