7 Vinyl Inspired Crafts You Have To Try

7 Vinyl Inspired Crafts You Have To Try

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Although it may seem like it, there are so many different things you can create using vinyl. Whether it’s creating a stunning storage space for all your craft equipment or sprucing up your kids’ bedrooms with some homemade touches – getting crafty with vinyl can be a whole load of fun.

With that in mind, here are 7 vinyl based crafts you have to try:


  • Vinyl Monogram Glass Frames


If you’re looking to spruce up your home with some personalised wall art, consider creating your own monogram glass frame. Using a deep photo frame, create your own vinyl monogram decal that you can stick between the two pieces of glass. Once you’ve done this, you can decorate the rest of the glass however you like. To create this, you’ll need a vinyl cutting machine and some tips from vinylcuttingmachineguide.com.


  • Vinyl Designed Drinks Glasses


If you’re looking for a cute gift you can make for your friends or family, why not make them a vinyl decorated drinks glass? Find a set of glasses perfect for serving your recipients’ favourite tipple, then create vinyl decals you can stick on top. It’s a great way to personalise a gift, making it extra special to them.


  • Vinyl Covered Buckets For Parties And BBQs

If you host lots of parties and BBQs, you may want to think about creating some colourful buckets to store your ice and cold drinks. They’re a simple way to spruce up any party, and you can be sure no one else with has anything like it as you’ve designed them yourself. For inspiration, you can visit Pinterest here.


  • Vinyl Designed Candle Holders

Similar to the drinks glasses, you can create glass candle holders in a similar way. Whether you’re giving them as a gift or creating them for your own home – this is a fun craft that the whole family can get involved in.


  • Vinyl Covered Kids Door Signs


If you’re looking to spruce up your kids’ bedrooms, why not create them some colourful signs for their doors or their wall. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase wooden letters that spell out their name, then cut out the required shape to cover them from different coloured sheets of vinyl.


If you’re feeling even more creative, you can even use differently patterned vinyls, rather than colours.


  • Vinyl Designed Numbers For Your Outdoor Bins


Once you have a vinyl cutting machine, creating bin numbers for all of your outdoor bins is super easy – and a great way to make sure no one steals your bins when you leave them out each week!


  • Vinyl Decorated Storage Boxes


A great way to decorate your storage boxes, whether they’re for crafts supplies or children’s toys, is to cover them with vinyl decals. You can cover the whole box, or use a cutter to create unique and personalised designs.

What are your favourite vinyl based crafts? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!


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