8 Signs You Shouldn’t Buy That House

8 Signs You Shouldn’t Buy That House

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House hunting can be fun and exciting. Whether you’re buying your first property or moving to a different type of property, you’ll probably be hunting for a while before finding something that’s perfect for you. The trouble comes when property owners have covered up issues that could come back to bite you once you’ve signed your contract. Here are a few things to look out for as you’re hunting for your dream home.

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Look for Cracks

Most properties have a crack here and there and the majority of the time, they’re harmless. However, you should be able to notice cracks that could turn into a problem in the future. Take a look through both the interior and exterior for cracks. Look on every wall and make sure you look towards the foundations of the exterior. You could even take a leveler with you to make sure the foundations haven’t moved a significant amount since being built. Do some research on the different types of property cracks before visiting your first property.



Condensation can mean a few different things. If you notice condensation build up on the windows and doors of a property, it could indicate an underlying problem. For instance, it may mean there’s no ventilation in the home. However, most of the time it means that doors and windows need to be replaced. You can get some advice from https://windowstacoma.com/. If they aren’t replaced within a reasonable amount of time, you could end up with significant mold in the home, which can lead to health issues.


Ownership History

This doesn’t mean you have to find information on previous owners; it just means you’re finding out how often the house has switched owners in the last few years. If a property has a long list of previous owners, you may need to question why. Why have so many people come and gone? This often indicates that there’s something wrong with the property and previous owners wanted a quick exit.



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Water Damage

Much like condensation, water damage can also be obvious, but it’s also easy to cover up temporarily. If the walls are covered in mold because of water damage, all it would take is a quick clean and some paint to hide it. Although mold often has a strong smell, especially if there’s a lot of it, paint fumes can often be stronger. So, how do you tell if there’s water damage in the house? Look at the underside of draws and cabinets, some of which could look damp. Touch wallpaper to see if it feels damp and look in all the corners of the rooms for any signs of mold.


Uneven Flooring

Uneven or bouncy flooring isn’t just awful to look at; it can become a danger too. It isn’t always easy to identify flooring that will become uneven as soon as you move in. One test that can work while you’re visiting properties is to take a marble with you. Place a marble on the flooring and see how far it travels. Not all floors will be completely even, but you don’t want to end up with a floor that you need to rip out in order to re-do the foundation.


Use Your Nose

Some owners like to bake cookies or bread to entice people into liking the property they’re selling. However, these lovely scents can also be a way of covering something up. Don’t automatically assume that air fresheners or other scents are for your pleasure only. There may be mold in the house or a leak somewhere. It could also be to mask the fact that the garden smells like dog or cat urine. Always keep your senses as heightened as possible when visiting homes.


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Beware of Music

You may think that playing a little music during a house viewing is a nice touch. But the owner may know otherwise. Music that’s playing loudly or music that’s playing in every room could be covering other noise. The owner may not want you to hear how loud the neighbors can be. Or perhaps there’s a train nearby that will wake you early in the morning. Be wary of what is actually going on in the house.


See Everything

Don’t assume all areas of the house are as immaculate as the ones you’ve seen. If you can’t get access to the basement or crawl spaces, that’s a red flag. Make sure you see everything before you decide on whether to make an offer or not.

When house hunting, be suspicious until proven otherwise.


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