About The Author

crafting, diy, blogger, blogWelcome to Coffee Crafts & Chaos! I’m Wendy Zock and I am a mother, a military wife, crafter for hire, and blogger. (I’m also a maid, taxi driver, cook, volunteer, babysitter,and a mediator) and I can juggle ten plates at one time…) Not really, but I do love all things crafty; painting, sewing, DIY projects, holiday decorating, and kids crafts. When I am not focused on my kids or hubby, I can be found in my chaotic craft room or at the local craft store.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and started crafting as a way to pass time and keep my mind busy. I needed something to focus on and crafting has been such a blessing to me. My mother was always an artist growing up but I had no idea what I would unleash when I tapped into my creative side. I hope the items I create and tutorials I show can help inspire others to also unleash the crafter within.