About Us

To put it simple Coffee, crafting, and chaos is a day in the life of me. I dream about my quiet morning cup of coffee once kids and husband have left for the day. Crafting is something I yearn to do. I wake up with so many ideas in my head that just have to become a reality. the curated farmhouse, shop the curated farmhouseI am always learning, dreaming, failing, and embracing my creativity. Life is better with a little bit of paint on everything you own. Chaos well I married a military man enough said. Life is funny things don’t ever seem to go according to our “plans.”Which is ok because in our families plans are for the birds. Our life is chaos we move all the time and have to set up “shop” it seems every year or so in a new place. This blog is important to me for one because I love to chat about my daily experiences (we have some ridiculous ones) and I love to teach people how to craft.

My days are filled with paint, stencils, burlap, hot glue burns. I am pretty sure I don’t own one piece of clothing that does not have paint stains on it. Crafting is my passion I am unable to walk through Michaels or Hobby Lobby without millions of ideas running through my head. mom, wife, blog, craftsI am one of those people who can take a lamp or picture and designs whole room around it. The ideas are just rolling around like a marble in a jar. Sometimes I wish I could turn off my creativity because it is almost like a craving you can suffice most days. One craft project leads to ten more and the ideas just keep spinning off one another. So as you can imagine most of my days are spent in my craft room with no one to share my creations with. So why not start a blog and share my in and outs with other moms..The Struggle is Real. I find myself most days trying to show the mail lady, UPS guy, or my neighbors what I have created for the day. My bubble is small and most days I am so excited with my creations I want to scream it from the rooftop. So now we have an outlet. My very own blog where I can post tutorials, pictures, and step-by-step directions on how to do specific craft projects. Oh but wait, now I will have to put make up on and do my hair…..where will I find them time????