Always Tired? These 3 Tips May Help

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There’s a whole lot of adventure to be had in life โ€“ dream jobs to be attained, and developed, fitness goals to be achieved, life-changing relationships to be forged, breathtaking sights to be seen, and all the rest.

Unfortunately, for a growing number of people out there, the amazing adventure of life is often interfered with by a deeply unwelcome condition โ€“ chronic lethargy, tiredness, and fatigue.

There are many causes for feeling tired all the time, and there’s even a broadly defined medical condition known as “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”

If you suffer from this kind of condition, it may be that the issue lies in your hormonal balance, your blood sugar regulation, the health of different organs in your body, and any number of other different things.

Some of these causes may require direct medical intervention in order to resolve. But, surprisingly often, you can improve your situation substantially just by changing certain elements of your lifestyle and environment.

So, if you are always tired, here are some tips that may help.



  • Work on getting more fresh air


Not too long ago, it was standard medical advice for people who were suffering from a wide range of conditions, to get out into nature and spend more time in the fresh air.

These days, we tend to think of this kind of advice as quaint and pretty ineffective, and put a lot of faith in drugs, instead.

As a matter of fact though, air is one of the essential components of life, and if you’re constantly breathing in low quality or stagnant air, you may experience “Sick Building Syndrome,” and various assorted mood, and energy level issues.

Consider doing research on things such as what is the best air purifier for dust, and then introducing some filters and air-cleansing plants into your home. And be sure to walk around in nature when you can.



  • Go for a decent length walk every day


Research conducted in the last few years shows that if you spend all day sitting around, and then hit the gym after work, you’re still way more at risk of all kinds of negative health conditions (and death) than you would be if you’d moved around more during the day as a whole.

In order for people to feel their best, and have optimal energy levels, it seems necessary to get a decent amount of low-level physical activity every day.

Try to squeeze in a decent length walk every day, preferably in the morning, and preferably somewhere where there’s fresh air. You might be surprised by the impact.



  • Try to listen to your natural hunger cues when eating (and eat whole foods)



A lot of people spend a lot of their time either actively overeating, or undereating, for assorted reasons.

Of course, when you do this, you stress your body in various ways, and can disrupt your blood sugar regulation.

Instead, try to base your diet around healthy, natural whole foods, and listen to your natural hunger cues when eating. Eat when you feel like it, and stop when you’re satisfied, but not stuffed. This will stop you feeling so heavy and sluggish.


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