Fall Home Decor from H&M Home

                                                      Fall Home Decor from H&M Home

We are so excited to share my favorite fall home decor finds from H&M Home, because we love to inspire our readers. I wanted to go with a more neutral look in the living room this year and these pieces were exactly what I was looking for. I hope this gives you a little inspiration for Fall and how you want to decorate your spaces!


                                                                             Throw Blankets

Don’t we all love a good blanket to cuddle up with when the weather gets cold, and maybe some soft pillows? These throws are soft and the perfect mix of neutral and color for any room in your home. You can’t beat the price either so it’s a bonus! Hence they won’t be available for long so don’t wait!



                                                                                   Pillow Covers

H&M has some of the best pillow covers for any season. From neutral, color, patterns, and textures. Therefore I was so excited to find these ones for my fall decor this year they are the perfect combination of neutral and fall colors! Warm up your decor with these gorgeous throw pillows. Pillows are one of the easiest and simplest ways to change up decor. By switching them out each season you can refresh any space easily and on a budget.


I hope this has inspired you to find some amazing fall home decor deals for Fall and to decorate your spaces! If you enjoyed this blog be sure to check out our DIY Hallway peel and stick shiplap reveal here!




Our Holiday Bedroom Reveal

Our Holiday Bedroom Reveal

I am so excited to finally share our newly remodeled bedroom with you!

So when we moved into our “Forever” Home in June, I was so excited to decorate the master bedroom for the holidays. We painted the bedroom last week, and added shiplap to the main wall. There is still so much to do in this space, but we are off to a great start just in time to for Christmas. I hope this special space offers some kind of inspiration and gets you in the mood to decorate for the holidays.

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DIY Hallway Reveal

DIY Hallway Reveal

I have been busting at the seems to finally show our finished hallway landing space. It has been raining for weeks in our small town Portage, PA. The project has been completed for a few weeks but lighting in this space was not cooperating. This has truly been one of the easiest and funnest DIY projects to date. This space needed a refresh and this was the perfect project to give it just that.

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Breast Cancer…My Journey

Breast Cancer…My Journey


It’s October again, and I have decided it is time to share my journey. I guess it is more my story of my battle against breast cancer.

I recently connected with a follower on Instagram who fighting her own fight with cancer. Cancer sucks, plain and simple it is something that makes my heart-sick. I have had a heavy heart the last few weeks worrying about this individual. She is also a mother and a new breastie. She talked to me about being someone who has always been strong and has never backed down from anything. But I can relate to her broken spirit. I can relate to her sadness and her anger. I can relate to feeling defeated.

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Affordable DIY Shiplap

We recently moved into our forever home and the first DIY project we decided to tackle was the entry way.

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The Curated Farmhouse Spring Subscription Box 

Spring Subscription Box

I have been wanting to do some type of subscription box for awhile now and I am so excited about my first one. This Spring box celebrates smalls shops run by some of the most amazing makers on Instagram. I have worked side by side with these individuals and it is my pleasure to introduce each one to you, and tell you a little about each one.

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Rae Dunn Insanity

So I stopped by my local Marshall’s yesterday since I was at Target next door. I have pretty much gave up on looking for Rae Dunn on a regular basis anymore. I spent  most of the summer as we relocated with the Army from North Carolina to Kansas stopping at every TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshall’s I could find with zero to no luck. Not so much as even a mug, and my frustration was getting the best of me. The final straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak was an altercation I got in with another RD Buyer in a Home Goods in the middle of who know’s where.

(Photo by Rae Dunn)


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Vintage Book DIY Tutorial


I just love searching for old vintage books, but as a military wife, we are always on the move. I have such a hard time finding access to vintage items. So I decided to get creative and make my own. I have so many people ask me how I make them, so I decided It would be easier just to do a DIY tutorial to share.

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Our Story

A little about me….My life is chaotic and full of crafting and lots and lots of coffee. I look forward to my only quiet time which is spent with my morning cup of coffee. Once the chaos of the morning routine is done, and the kids and husband are not their way my day begins. Creating is just something I was born to do. I wake up every day with so new ideas in my head, that I have to bring to life. crafts, diy, mommy blog, blogI am always learning new techniques, new crafts, and , failing as I embrace my creativity.

My motto “Life is better with a little bit of paint on everything you own.”

Let me shed some light on the “Chaos” part of my life. It all started one day when I fell in love with a soldier. I married a military man and I am a mom to three boys…enough said.

Life is funny, things don’t ever seem to go according to our “plans.” Which is ok, because in our family “plans” are for much more organized people. When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012 it shook me to my core. Everything changed. I was no longer invincible. Each day, each moment meant so much more. I was not ready to leave my husband, or my children. I have always worked, since I was 14 selling newspapers. So when I was dealing with one surgery after the next, all the different doctors and medication, I found a way to channel through making signs. Well that is what brought me to where I am today.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration and I have yet to work one day in health care. Its just not who I am anymore or who I want to be. I want to own a little farm, a store, and grow old with my family and friends. I am simple, I want a simple life, love and be loved. Nothing else really matter in the big scheme of  things. I want to teach my children right from wrong, how to get their hands dirty, and work for what you want. I treasure every day that I get to spend with them and all those things that once seemed so important just faded into the background. You only get one life so live it….let me tell you a little about our chaos.

Our life is chaos, we are always working and creating new items. My husband has been active duty military for 18+ years. We have moved 6 times in 10 years and each time we have to set up “shop” in a new state and start over. Make new friends  and make our house a home even if it’s just for a little while.

This blog is very important to me. I love to write and I love to share my experiences and my discoveries with other people.  I have fun chatting about my daily experiences (we have some ridiculous ones) and I love to teach people how to create something of their very own.

My days are filled with painting, projects, marketing, and lots and lots of coffee.

I don’t own one piece of clothing that does not have paint or stains on it. I would love to say I spent hours on my hair and makeup each day…but I can say at least I shower every day. I am a mom and I am lucky if I don’t have paint in my hair or gum for that matter.

Crafting is my passion, I can’t  walk through Michaels or Hobby Lobby without millions of ideas running through my head. I am one of those people who can take a lamp or picture and design a whole room around that one object. The ideas are just rolling around like a marble in a jar.

Sometimes I wish I could turn off my creativity because it is almost like a craving you can’t suffice most days. One craft project leads to ten more and the ideas just keep spinning off one another. So as you can imagine most of my days are spent in my craft room. So why not start a blog and share my in and outs with other DIY enthusiasts.

mom, wife, blog, craftsThe Struggle is Real. I find myself most days trying to show the mail lady, UPS guy, or my neighbors what I have created for the day. My bubble is small and most days I am so excited to share with my creations with anyone who wants to see them. So now we have an outlet.

My very own blog where I can post tutorials, pictures, and step-by-step directions on how to do specific craft projects. Oh but wait, now I will have to put make up on and do my hair…..where will I find them time????

What Drives Him Crazy?

 I asked my husband the other day to write down the things that I do that irritate him. These are his exact replies to my email in his own words. Now mind you I pulled up the email and scrolled through the list and actually laughed out loud. As I read some of his replies, its funny how they relate to my replies in part one (My list.) Here is my husbands list of the top ten things that I do that drive him crazy.

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