Bringing More Light into Your Home


Bringing More Light into Your Home

Fall is now upon us, and as the days get darker and colder, now can be a good time to consider how to bring more light into your home.  There are many benefits of bringing more light into your home, for instance, it can help make the space feel much brighter and spacious – leading to a more positive feeling than the alternative, which is a dark and dingy interior.

It can also be helpful if you suffer from the commonplace ‘seasonal affective disorder’ which is where the lack of sunlight, warmth and brightness affects your mood.  Of course, the weather always has the ability to positively or negatively affect our mood, and winter is known for people feeling a bit more blue – hence the term the “winter blues”.


Indeed, as you look to locations such as Alaska, or The Yukon in Canada, where daylight hours are severely restricted, sometimes to just a few hours a day, the incidence of depression, alcoholism and suicide is much greater.  For this reason, it can be helpful to use a specialist light to treat SAD.


Now, on a lighter note, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can bring more light into your home.



It’s not usually practical to add a few windows into an existing house, which means, you need to optimise the amount of light that’s coming through the windows you have.  You can do this by trimming bushes and foliage around the window, in order to let in more light, and also, looking slightly further afield, you can trim trees that are putting your house in shadow.


Furthermore, you can optimise the amount of light coming into your home by what you have on the inside of your window.  For instance, whilst net curtains provide privacy they also block out a significant amount of light. Blinds, on the other hand, can be used variably to control the amount of light versus privacy.



Mirrors are a great way to reflect natural light.  Often, the room with the smallest window tends to be the bathroom, so utilising large bathroom mirrors can be very helpful.  The same is true of all rooms, as mirrors not only make rooms seem larger due to the reflection of the physical space – but also, as a result of the increased amount of light entering the room.



Sometimes, you don’t want your home to be flooded with light as the bright light can detract from a feeling of warmth and intimacy.  Therefore, a lot of people are using string lights to brighten up dark corners, whilst still creating a feeling of warmth – rather than clinical brightness.


Candles offer a great option to increase the light in a room whilst creating a warm and romantic atmosphere that is perfect for watching TV in bed.  Furthermore, if you do have a bright lamp, for instance on your bedside table, you could carefully place fabric around the lampshade in order to create a more gentle light.


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