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So excited to share Brittany’s IG story from @ourblessedlittlenest. I love sharing background stories on my IG friends and she was one of the first people to purchase a sign off me on Instagram and she is just a doll! 


I’m Brittany Joiner, lover of all things Home, vintage, chippy, and rusty. If it’s falling part apart to where I can still display and use, I love it. I live in the Sunshine State, Florida with my wonderful husband, Calvin Joiner. We have been married 5 years in August. We still have no human babies but hope to someday. I have two fur babies who are spoiled rotten.



When I was looking to change my IG name it didn’t take long to decided on OurBlessedLittleNest I began to think on these words: shelter, safety, and warmth. That is exactly how I feel when I’m surrounded by those that mean the most. So it stuck.


My favorite part of Instagram is connecting with others. I’ve met so many talented ladies on IG. And when you meet women with kindred spirits you give them big ol’ virtual hugs and call them your friends. I love to keep in touch and interact with new accounts as well and support the small businesses.


My IG style is full of farmhouse-rustic charm. I love old and chippy. Dings and scratches give character and tell a story that you may never know, but that’s the fun part.

I love so many shoppes it’s hard to say or narrow down my favorite, but I will say a few that come to mind: Chelsea @TheSimpleDesignShop who is fairly new. Priscilla @PinkRibbonCottage has a great story behind her ig shop name and of course her carefully curated vintage pieces are amazing.


One of my first IG friends I made was Jenn from @DownShilohRoad She started selling her photograph of “Shiloh The Cow” which is loved by many on Instagram. And last but not least my IG Bestie Grace @GraceNoteCandle she’s the sweetest gal ever and her candles are even sweeter. They smell so delicious and fill your home with so much joy. You just know when something’s made with love and her candles are definitely it.

I would have to say my IG BFF’s are Grace @gracenotehome and Erin @projectfarmstead

If I would have to pick a hobby I bet you can guess what I’m going to say… Junkin. It’s my jam. Sometimes I can even go junkin’ and only find one item to come home with me and I’m happy.


My nickname is Britt and I am a coffee addict for sure. I keep it at one cup a day unless I’m having a rough day and need an afternoon pick me up.  If i had to give one tip for those trying to build their IG following it would be that it’s hard not to see your followers when you log on but it’s not my priority. I love organic followings. If they follow along it’s because they are being inspired and see something that they like and that’s what I want. Best tip I can give is interact with others by genuinely commenting and liking other people posts. Start conversations that way. Get to know others. Post regularly and use hashtags that best describe your style and the photo you are posting.

Shopping my Home comes so easy to me. I love creating vignettes throughout and because I’m always changing things up so it just naturally happens to be my creativity. You don’t need to go out and buy the latest to style your home. It also makes you feel accomplished when you don’t have to go out and break the bank to make your home pretty.

Most people don’t know this because I never put it out there, by I love to sing worship music. Whether I’m in the car driving, at home cleaning its my way to give back to God. I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old. I knew this was my calling when I got older and understood what ‘ministry’ meant. I sing in my church choir and help my pastor’s wife lead. It is a great honor to do something I love and most importantly to give God glory for what he gave me.

The best compliment I have ever received was when a man walked into our home with his family to see the house (it’s on the market for sale) and before he left he said ‘I have never felt what I’m feeling right now in all homes that I have ever walked into.’ and then he said ‘I’ve walked I to many homes because of my career (real estate investor) and I feel a true love that is different from any. I don’t even want to leave because it’s feels so happy and cozy in here.’ That made me weep y’all. I’m such an emotional person and when I heard a stranger say that about my Home. It brought me so much joy. ❤


The last thing you did to make someone smile just because was we took my baby niece for ice-cream after dinner and it made her so happy.

Note from Wendy….I love reading through Brittany’s interview she is so genuine and has such a great outlook on life and her home. She is definitely one to follow so go follow her on IG and say hi! She will welcome you with open arms and a virtual

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