Antique Farmhouse Deals

Antique Farmhouse: 2018 Deals & Steals

Here are a few items I have added to my Antique Farmhouse Cart to wind up my 2018 shopping list. I am so excited to share my favorites and some items you may see in my 2019 Bedroom reveal.


This huge rustic beauty will add an aged finish to your wall décor, so don’t miss out on our Old Mill Window Frame Decor. Constructed with an antique industrial mill window in mind, this window frame wall art exudes vintage inspired charm. The distressed paint finish, hinged upper panes that open, and glass-free window frame allows your wall color to pop through, adding farmhouse charm and character to any space.

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Decor Steals & Bits Of Vintage Decor Deals

So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that there are a few company’s that I love to work with and am a loyal customer to. Bits of Vintage and Decor Steals are my top two!

Decor Steals and Bits of Vintage are sister shops so to speak. Let me give you a quick rundown of each.

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Wednesday Decor Steals Deals

Ok guys you guys know by now that I love Decor Steals and Bits of Vintage (their sister company.) Every day they post new deals and you have access to them until they sell out (which is often the case.). So if you see something you have to jump on it fast before its gone. I Literally check their site every day at 10 AM. So todays steals are just too amazing not to share with  you. Click the link under each item to grab it. Bonus only $5 shipping per item.

Scalloped Metal Hanging Trays

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