Why Cleaning The Home Should Never Be A Chore

Why Cleaning The Home Should Never Be A Chore


So many of us sigh and subtly shake our head when we think about getting up and cleaning the home. It’s a notorious chore that’s seen this way all over the world. For some reason we think taking care of our only home, is going to be boring or perhaps a waste of time even. The truth is, if we don’t clean our homes, it’s not going to look or feel like a home pretty quickly. Sadly, many people fall prey to their own laziness and allow the hygiene of their home to become less than normal. Maybe it’s because we as a society keep looking at cleaning one’s home as one dimensional. It’s not just about being clean, so that bad smells don’t infiltrate through the home and so we don’t take on a bad odour either. The reason for taking the household cleanliness very seriously is because it could very well soon not be your home anymore. At the very least you won’t be alone, and you have no choice whether you like it not. Just by doing nothing, you invite all kinds of creepy crawlies into your carpet, walls, cupboard, floorboards, and even into your beds. After you learn about the critters that will flock to your home and the damage they can cause, you’ll never see cleaning your home from top to bottom as a chore ever again.

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A Hobby Lobby Christmas

So I know its only August but I like to plan my holiday themes ahead of time. We all love Hobby Lobby decor year-long and this Christmas season they have really stepped up their Farmhouse Christmas decor. Here are some items I predict we will be seeing all over our favorite IG accounts this holiday season.

Merry Christmas Wall Decor 

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Christmas In July

I know. I know. It’s only July. But it seems this year is going by so quickly and it has me dreaming of a farmhouse Christmas. I dream of Christmas all year-long. I think I get more excited than my children, when we pull out all of the decorations. I hope you all enjoyed reading Jen’s Noting Grace Christmas in July Blog Hop blog post. Thank you to King of Christmas for sponsoring this post.

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Decor Steals & Bits Of Vintage Decor Deals

So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that there are a few company’s that I love to work with and am a loyal customer to. Bits of Vintage and Decor Steals are my top two!

Decor Steals and Bits of Vintage are sister shops so to speak. Let me give you a quick rundown of each.

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Wednesday Decor Steals Deals

Ok guys you guys know by now that I love Decor Steals and Bits of Vintage (their sister company.) Every day they post new deals and you have access to them until they sell out (which is often the case.). So if you see something you have to jump on it fast before its gone. I Literally check their site every day at 10 AM. So todays steals are just too amazing not to share with  you. Click the link under each item to grab it. Bonus only $5 shipping per item.

Scalloped Metal Hanging Trays

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Rae Dunn Insanity

So I stopped by my local Marshall’s yesterday since I was at Target next door. I have pretty much gave up on looking for Rae Dunn on a regular basis anymore. I spent  most of the summer as we relocated with the Army from North Carolina to Kansas stopping at every TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshall’s I could find with zero to no luck. Not so much as even a mug, and my frustration was getting the best of me. The final straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak was an altercation I got in with another RD Buyer in a Home Goods in the middle of who know’s where.

(Photo by Rae Dunn)


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Streamlined and Simple: Let’s Get Organized

Streamlined & Simple was created by Jessie Ansley and Jen Fogle, both wives and mothers, who shared a passion for finding ways to make everyday life more organized. The business was born when they realized that the products they had created by hand and successfully used for years could be turned into a small business. They design functional stationery. Their collection of paper goods is functional and simplistic in design.


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My Painted Fox Home Sale Favorites

Painted Fox Home is having the best sale ever, and I just had to share it with you. Below are some deals you down want to miss this holiday season (and some on my wish list) that are too good to pass up.  Whether your buying gifts or for yourself (we wont tell) they always free shipping, which makes shopping that much easier. Hurry these deals will go fast.

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A Kirkland’s Christmas

Well I have to say I am so impressed with Kirkland’s lately. They have truly stepped up their game and are bringing some amazing farmhouse items to the table. Here are a few items I picked up on my holiday shopping trip last week. Look for Promo code at end of article to save even more.

Here are some of my favorite pieces for this Christmas Season.


Mercury Glass Candleholders are a must have this season.


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Intelligent Blends Coffee Company

We all know how much I love coffee. My mom says I have a special relationship with each and every cup. Well she isn’t wrong so I cannot deny that statement. So when I came across @intelligent_blends on Instagram I just had to reach out and see what they had to offer.

There site states “From our house, to yours.” Well ok then we started off on the right foot there.


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