Common Issues With Older Buildings We Live In

Common Issues With Older Buildings We Live In

If you live in a lovely old farmhouse, you will already know that there is always something to do around your home. The fence needs fixing, your doors and porch need an extra layer of protection and a lick of paint, and you will need to work on the wooden structures and inlays that make your home so unique. If you would like to stay on top of your home, look out for the below areas to address next.


Before you move in to your old home, you should get a structural survey conducted that will highlight the issues with the stability of your home. If it has been at the same place for a long time, chances are that roadworks and small earth movements have made your home move. Once you find that there is an issue, you can carry out the adequate foundation repairs hat will allow you to maintain the stability of your house.  

Water and Flooding

Another reason why you might need to look at the wall and the foundation closer it the risk of water damage and flooding. Older homes were not built the same way as modern ones, and you have to find out exactly how deep your foundation is and how waterproof your walls are. This will allow you to make your house more protected from floods and heavy rain in the future and avoid long term damage.

Insulation Issues

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Of course, some of the walls might be thicker than you would expect from a new built home, but you will still need to check the insulation of the house. Pay particular attention to the windows and doors, as well as the frames. If you would like to keep your home safe this winter and avoid paying too much for your electricity, chances are that you will need to check the condition of your doors and windows and deal with the insulation and safety issues they pose.

Cracks and Structural Damage

It is often hard to spot cracks in your walls, unless you move furniture around. If the wall got wet and then dried out, there might be a slight crack that can be repaired easily. However, if it is larger, you can blame small earth tremors or industrial digging, and you have to talk to a professional to assess the best methods of repair.

Wooden Beam Issues

If you love the wooden accents of your farmhouse, you might have noticed that the beams age faster than you want them to be, and they might even attract some pests that will damage them even further. There are plenty of old wood treatment options for people like you, so you can prevent rotting and stability issues. In most cases, you will only need to treat your beams once, and you can get more out of the life of your home.


Old homes are full of charm, as well as risks. Focus on the above areas and you can keep your home and your family safe for many years to come.


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