Could You Be Making Better Use of Your Garage Space?


Could You Be Making Better Use of Your Garage Space?

Having a garage at home is handy. It’s a space to store your car and keep it safe and protected- not to mention the fact that it can save you on your car insurance. However, how often do you really use your garage? Does it only get utilised during very bad weather or when you’re on vacation? Does it sit empty most of the time, while you park on your drive instead? After all, getting in and out every day can be a hassle! If this is the case and your garage really isn’t being used, chances are you could make the most of the space in another way. Here are a few ideas!

Fully convert it to become part of the house

If you really don’t use your garage much, it could be worth completely converting it to become part of the house. Perhaps you don’t have a car (and don’t intend to get one) or maybe you’re perfectly happy parking on the driveway or the side of the road. If your garage is integrated in your home, converting it frees up a massive amount of space inside that could be used to extend your kitchen, living or dining room or create a downstairs bedroom or office. In most cases, these conversions will fall under ‘permitted development’ since you’re not changing the structure, but if you’re planning on removing any walls this will need to be checked first. The main thing you’ll need to do here is remove the garage door on the front, replacing this with bricks and a window. If your garage is attached to the side of your property, you essentially have a readily built extension. Again, you’ll need to brick up the garage door and add a window, and you’ll need to add an internal door to get through in the house if there’s not one already. You might need some insulation adding to the walls, ceiling panels fitted and plasterboard adding to the walls.


Keep it as a garage, but use it for other functions

One thing to bear in mind when converting a garage is the impact this will have on your home’s value. In some cases, having a larger living space will improve its value. However in others, getting rid of the garage could reduce the value. Do some research and make sure you know the effect it will have on your home. If you find that you’ll lose money by converting the garage then you could keep it as it is, but just use it for other functions than storing your car. You could add your washer and dryer, creating a utility room which frees up space in your kitchen. You could add a chest freezer and stockpile some food, as well as adding some shelves to create an emergency store cupboard. You could add a pool table and a darts board and create a games room. Use a concrete stain on the floor, go with the highest quality non-toxic concrete stain for the best result. Put some proper lighting in there, you could even add insulation to the walls and roof so it’s more pleasant to spend time in.


Create a carport instead

If you miss the shelter of a garage but without the hassle of locking your car up in one every night, why not build a carport instead? That way you get the best of both worlds, it’s cheap and easy and doesn’t require planning permission.


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