Creating a Calm Space in Your Home

Creating a Calm Space in Your Home

Home is where the heart is, and it is also where our comfy space should be. It is comfortable over the years to neglect to have space just for quiet moments, contemplation or even meditation. However it really important to give your mind and body that space to decompress and relax.

So, let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks to create a calming oasis and employ some chill moments in your life in general.

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Feel it

Think about texture. What textures do you love? While some people love sequins and dark colors, others prefer soft colors and silks. It might sound a little bit too ASMR for some people, but the right textures in your space can make you very happy instantly. Winners are typically things like merino wool knit blankets, crushed velvets, satins, and silks. Not only do they look luxurious, but they also hold warmth really well too. Faux furs are also a big hit. Try and pick a space in the home where you can put a few of these blankets just for yourself to use.



Pick fragrances that lift your mood. There are a few scents that naturally boost your spirit and can even make you more productive. You could pick up a room spray, or perhaps some essential oils to burn. The most common way to transform the smell of a room is by lighting a gorgeous candle. Depending on what you will be doing in the space will change what you should be using. If you need a boost in your brainstorming, and an energy pick me up try peppermint. Cinnamon is excellent for warmth but also increases concentration. Jasmine, soft and floral, is excellent for calming nerves and can fill you with confidence. Lemon is great for clarifying and uplifting when you are feeling a little run down and anxious, and finally Lavender – used the world over for calming and soothing tension and nerves. Try and find things that you really love and keep them handy.



Houseplants are one of the nicest accessorize any home can have. Placing small potted plants around the space, you’re creating will keep your brain in a relaxed state. If you are worried that you might not be able to take care of a plant properly then get something that can last a little longer without being watered. Like a succulent or cactus. Plants purify the air around them, so it makes them the ideal partner to create soothing spaces. Natural woods, stones, and flowers are all great to have around you too. They seem to emanate tranquility and calm – so utilize that.



Many of us don’t exactly love cleaning. However, clean and tidy space is much better for you mentally. If you are going through a rough patch, it might be difficult to get the space as clean as you want to be, so prepare a few storage boxes that can be filled and hidden in plain sight for when you feel up to it.


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