Dixie Paint Product Review Project

dixie photoI recently had the pleasure of trying some samples of Dixie Belle Paint, and I have to admit I am loving it!!! This product can be used on so many surfaces such as woods, metal, glass, laminate, ceramic and wait for it…..even FABRIC!!! I will tell you up front this is one of the easiest paints I have worked with.


dixie bell packageThis was my care package from Dixie Bell and I am so excited to use each and every product. They even threw in a cute Easter Stencil and brushes. So sweet!

We decided to sand this table down since it was an older piece . Then I made sure to clean my surfaces to ensure I remove all the dust. I just used a damp towel with mild soap. The next step was to start with my base color paint.


dixie 1One of my customers lent me this beautiful piece to jazz up. I love this retro piece and love that her color palette was so bright for me to work with. I decided to try something different and do a few layers.







You want to madixie 6ke sure you allow the first coat to dry. I usually wait a day in between coats. This paint dried super fast so I could have applied another coats within a few hours. Next once both coats have been applied its time to Distress.
I started with a teal chalk paint and then my second coat was the Dixie Bell  Daisy Yellow. Now before applying my final coat of paint (what color I want the finished product to be)


chippy4E_largeI decided to use the The Real Milk Paint Co. Chippy Paste. I have been dying to try this product. Make your paint chip when and where you want it! This gives your piece a rustic, chippy look. Easy to use with Real Milk Paint and other paints as well. All natural water base.






I just love the way the chippy paint allows you to distress a little or a lot depending on your preference. I  love base coating items in white and then adding a popping color such as blue or orange . I then use sandpaper to expose the white to make it look more weathered. This is one of my favorite looks. You can use more of pastel color is you are going for a country look. You can also just paint the panels or door the brighter color and leaving the rest of the piece white.



One of my favorite things to do is take a piece like an old bed frame and give it a new purpose by making it into a bench. Take an armoire and paint the outside a different color from the inside and a different color for the trim…the trio colors will make it look way more swanky! So many ideas…so many tutorials to complete.


dixie 2dixie 8


As you can see above I just applied the Chippy Paste between my layers of paint or over the table where I wanted the next coat of paint to Chip or flake. Apply paste with a brush or flick on with a stiff brush or tooth-brush. Spread out or leave thick gobs of paste on surface and allow to dry about 30 minutes.

Then put you final coat of paint  over Chippy Paste and allow to dry. When dry use a scotch bright scrub pad over the surface to reveal the chippiness!! The you just need to finish off with your top coat. Check out all the products The Real Milk Paint Co. has to offer as well as future tutorials.


And here it is the final finished product! I absolutely love taking old furniture and giving it a new lease on life. There is so much beauty in the way things used to be made.

dresser        D2


P.S. I also used the Dixie Bell Terracotta Paint to create this beautiful sign. I simply cut down some pallet wood and glued the pieces together. I then used one coat of paint and allowed to dry for a few hours. This paint is thick but very smooth which I love. I then taped down my stencil and created this wonderful sign.


TC dixie 4     dixie 5



dairy bottlesI also used the White Pearlescent glaze over my final coat for these milk bottles. This is one of my favorite projects, and so easy to do with just about any glass jar. These were plain glass and I used two coats of chalk paint, lightly sanded edges, words, and the areas I wanted to look distressed. Then I used the glaze as a top coat and they came out perfect. This is my new favorite  go-to top coat it left a pearl glaze that is to die for!!




Please head on over and check out all the products Dixie Bell Paint has to offer.



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