DIY On Vacation: 5 Great Crafts For Traveling

DIY On Vacation: 5 Great Crafts For Traveling

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The warmer months are right around the corner, which means that most of us have already begun preparations for our summer vacations. If you’re quite a crafty person, you may not like the idea of spending days or weeks without a craft. Thankfully, regardless of where you go or how you travel, there will always be downtime within which you can get creative. You just need to find a project that can survive the trip. With that in mind, here are five great craft ideas for travel.  

  1. Scrapbooking

Rather than update your scrapbook when you return home, you could take it with you on your trip. You may not be able to pack all of the supplies that you would usually use, but there should be enough space in your bags for a few sheets of paper, glue, pens, and a few other pieces, as well as the book itself. If you carry this around, you can update it whenever you feel inspired.


  1. Coloring

If you haven’t already picked up on this craze, your vacation could be the right time to jump on the adult coloring book trend. These days, there are hundreds, if not thousands of coloring books on the market, all with different themes, styles, and difficulties. This is a craft that you can take anywhere with ease. You could even bring along a few extra books to keep the kids occupied.


  1. Painting

Taking an easel and supply of paints with you on vacation may be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean that painting is off the cards for your trip. If you take a look at the Brite Crown art supplies, you will see that there are watercolor brush pens that you can try. These create the effect of watercolor paints, allowing you to paint beautiful pictures, without having to pack lots of brushes.


  1. Knitting

There are many things that are banned on US flights, but, thankfully, knitting needles isn’t one of them. With so few supplies needed, this makes knitting a perfect travel craft. That being said, there is always the chance that your needles will be confiscated when you go through security. Using circular ones made from wood or plastic will make this eventuality a lot less likely.


  1. Origami

Origami doesn’t require tape, paint, glue, or scissors. In fact, most would say you’re doing it wrong if you use any of these things. All that you will need to pack is a box of paper. You can use your tray table on the plane as a work surface or pack a lap tray or large book for car journeys. Just make sure that you pack your creations carefully to avoid crushing them on the way back.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling by train, car, boat, or plane, heading off on vacation doesn’t need to keep you away from crafts. In fact, there are many ideas perfect for travel, allowing you to tap into your creativity regardless of where you are in the world. Hopefully, one of the ideas above is right for you.


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