DIY Rag Wreath

mainSo I just love to make wreaths and for me the process can actually be quite relaxing. I am not going to lie it takes tons of patience, tons of fabric, and your hands may hate you when you are done but the end product is amazing and something that you will be proud of. I like to make wreaths when I am sitting on the couch watching T.V. or winding down. I can just throw the fabric on the bed in piles and accomplish something even on my down time. It can be a very inexpensive craft (look for fabric on sale) and basically pretty easy even a novice crafters can do it.

Here is a list of materials you will need…Ready…Set…Get to Crafting.



Metal Wreath Form (Varied Sizes)





Rotary Cutter & Mat





Ribbon (match fabric)





f   5-7 Fabric patterns or prints


r     Ruler & Scissors


Step-By-Step DIY Directions:

  • First step is lay your fabric out on your cutting mat. Use your rotary cutter and cut your fabric in 1″ wide by 6″ long strips (recommended). Just set aside all your strips into a pile of by pattern or color. I keep mine together and organized makes it easier when you go to make the wreath. This is helpful when you are rotating between each color or pattern you can just grab one from each pile as you go along. (You will have tons of little strips when you are done).

rag strip 2


  • Next once all your fabric is cut  you want to start tying the fabric on to the wreath form. Tie a single knot (facing you). I always start on the inner ring (my preference) Keep tying and adding fabric strips rotating through the miscellaneous ones you’re using. You want to keep tying and pushing fabric together to give it a more full look. You will eventually make your way around entire hoop. Then just continue on the other rings until you are satisfied with how full it looks. (Keep in mind the more strips the fuller your wreath will end up looking so pull those knots tightly together.



  • Once all your fabric has been tied you want to take your sheer ribbon and make a loop (which you can use to hang your wreath from). Just choose a color that matches with your theme. You can also add any additional decorations such as a wooden letter or flowers whatever your creative mind thinks of.


  • Finally hang your wreath and enjoy you earned it!

This craft is easy to do so share with your friends! It does take some time but you can always break the project up. Spend one day cutting fabric and maybe come back another day to tie knots. I always recommend using multiple patterns and colors to make it yours. You can hang these anywhere on your door on you wall or even in the middle of an old window you repurpose for your home decor. Be creative add bunting or a cute sign to the middle.

BW1      RG1

I also love to make burlap wreaths as well with same directions as above. However FULL DISCLAIMER burlap is very messy so have a space easy to clean up and wear crafting clothes. You can also make a garland. I made one for a craft show to go around my table and I love it. You and your work area will be a mess when you are done. I enjoyed making this wreath and I am sure I will have more to show in the future. Craft away!burlap





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Here are some other rag wreath items I have made in the past. Tons of variety of looks and fabrics.

RW1    RW2

V2   RG

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