Dos And Don’ts: The Resources When You Have No Idea How To DIY

Dos And Don’ts: The Resources When You Have No Idea How To DIY


It all starts out with the best of intentions. When you’re looking to restore your home from top to bottom, you feel that your passion for the project will see you through, but slowly, the realization dawns on you, “what have I let myself in for”? Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there. When it comes to DIY, we all feel that we can do a little bit, some get a taste for it, and others continue to hobble along. But, for any person out there that’s looking to get started on the road to DIY, what are the best resources, and when should you not do it yourself?

The Infinite Wisdom Of The Internet…

Yes, there are some fantastic DIY resources. And for those people who never bother to read an instruction manual, YouTube seems to be the perfect replacement. There are so many DIY channels that provide endless videos on the most basic of tasks, all the way through to complex renovations. But the big issue with YouTube is that it can vary when it comes to quality. If you are someone that needs a step-by-step guide, going on an home improvement blog that caters for the most niche of issues may very well be what the doctor ordered! But sometimes we need a little bit of extra help, and amazingly, there are resources for this too! Not just Craigslist or general online forums, but places like Etsy Alchemy are great, especially if you are looking to develop a working relationship with someone. If you want something made, you can post it on this site and suggest a price. People then bid, and they do the dirty work. While it’s not necessarily doing it yourself, it’s certainly bridging the gap, and you can see the product getting made (almost) before your very eyes.

Avoid… At All Costs

We can feel that getting professionals in is going a long way round; especially if it’s something that we think we can accomplish ourselves. A good example is with technology. You think you can locate the source of the problem, especially if it’s a laptop you use every day of your life, but one slip, and you get the black screen of death, or a fate much worse. And when it comes to home improvement, you really need to gauge if it’s insignificant enough for you to accomplish yourself. Something like a toilet seat you can do, but if you feel so confident that you’ve done this with is that you want to rewire the plumbing, this is when it can prove to be damaging, not just to your home, but to your pride.

The overriding issue we all have when it comes to DIY is that if we can save money, then we should do it ourselves. But you have to get an understanding of what will happen if you make a mistake. The outcome could always be much worse. Small issues are things we should all learn how to fix, but the more you do the smaller issues, you can send progress on to more difficult aspects. In essence, this is the key to DIY.


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