E-Waste Tips For Home And Work

E-Waste Tips For Home And Work

E-waste is a growing problem around the world. E-waste is a term that is used to describe all electronic waste, meaning everything from refrigerators to mobile phones. A lot of people do not realise that these gadgets can cause severe damage to the environment and the individuals who live nearby. Only a small proportion of electronic waste is recycled or disposed of correctly. Therefore, continue reading to discover some top tips on how you can handle e-waste, whether in the home or at work.


Donate your electronic items – If your items still work, you can rest assured that there will be someone who would be more than willing to take the items off your hands. For example, you could donate a refurbished computer to a local school. There are also plenty of charities and underprivileged families that would be happy to take anything from televisions to smartphones. Nowadays, we are guilty of throwing things away as soon as a newer model comes in fashion. There is nothing wrong with this, but there is someone who would love your old iPhone, so why not give it to them instead?

Educate yourself on e-waste rules in the local area – All areas have different schemes in place for e-waste. Your local council may be able to advise you on what to do with the item you need to get rid of. It is also a good idea to get up to scratch with the legislation, especially when it comes to business e-waste, as you could be breaking the law if you do not dispose of your e-waste in the correct manner.

Consider using the services of a removal firm – Of course, this is a service you will need to pay for. However, when it comes to large electrical items, it seems the most obvious option. With professional packers and movers, they are experts in disposal as well as moving items, and so you can have the convenience of getting rid of your items with ease while you will also have the peace of mind that it is going to be recycled correctly.

Dispose of batteries in the correct way – One element of e-waste that a lot of people overlook is batteries. Batteries are used widely in the home, and are also classified as e-waste, and thus they need to be disposed of in the correct manner. Car batteries, for instance, need special disposal because they contain hazardous materials. The vast majority of automotive stores will dispose of these batteries for you. Aside from this, you need to ensure that you do not group alkaline batteries together when disposing of them. These are the batteries that are used for everyday things, such as remote controls and alarm clocks. If you do this, you could pose a safety risk when the live batteries come in contact with one and other.

Sell your items to someone who can refurbish them – Last but not least, if you do not believe that your electronic items are in a state to be sold as they are. This does not mean that you cannot return a profit on them and that they will not be useful. You should consider selling them to someone who can refurbish the item, and then they can sell it on.


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