Enrich Your Home with Renaissance Design

Enrich Your Home with Renaissance Design

The Renaissance period occurred from the mid-14th century until the late-16th century. Therefore, Renaissance design refers to Italian interior design from this period, including furnishings, interior decorations, and decorative arts. Nowadays, a lot of designers take inspiration from the Renaissance period. Read on to discover everything you need to know.


The Renaissance social, cultural, and artistic movement swept across Europe, but it all began in Italy, especially in Tuscany and Florence. During this time, classical designs were preferred over the old Gothic and Medieval styles that had been prominent prior. Florence and other cities, such as Venice and Rome, started to re-design a number of the Middle Age cluttered urban arrangements, and they began building beautiful palaces and elegant piazzas.

Lavish furniture


Naturally, this had an influence on interior design, which was heavily influenced by the new Renaissance movement. Lavish furniture, frescos, sculptures, and tapestries came into popularity, virtually reversing the style that had come before this in the Middle Ages. Furniture was often made from wood, with willow and walnut being popular choices. It wasn’t uncommon for the wood to feature opulent inlays in precious elements, such as gold, ivory, marble, and stone.


The marriage chest

One of the most prominent furniture pieces at the time was a marriage chest. These were elaborate and dark chests, and they were seen as the most desirable furniture piece. Although they were expensive, all classes invested in them. However, the marriage chest was almost a symbol of social status; the grander the chest, the wealthier the family. Chairs were also a symbol of wealth at the time. Those with little money would have three-legged stools or chairs with an X-shape back at a push while wealthy individuals had grand and sumptuous designs.


Bringing Renaissance design into your home

A lot of interior designers take inspiration from this important period in history, and it is not uncommon for us to see Renaissance elements in homes today. In fact, you are likely to have some of the following in your home, and they all have strong ties with this era – silk, four-poster beds, mural fresco painting, patterned walls, ornate floors, ceiling details, and high ceilings. It is best to hire a painting company if you really want to do this trend justice. Think elegance meets grandeur, and this is what you have with Renaissance design.


Additional ways to incorporate Renaissance design into your home include ornate floors made from marble, tile, or brick, in a checkerboard or complex geometric design. Drapes made from silk were also popular, especially in vibrant colours, and a four-poster bed is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of this era to your bedroom.


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