Erin @cottonstem IG Feature

 I have followed Erin since I started on Instagram a year ago. I feel in love with her feed, her decorating skills and OMG her “She Shed” as she calls it (Photo’s Below). I am so jelly about the little place she has to call her own to work out of. It is amazing and to put it simply just plain perfect. She has some mad skills in terms of decorating as my kids would put it. She has such a beautiful sense of style and grace about her its just mesmerizing. Check out her website and her capsule wardrobe guide she is so much fun to follow.




My IG name was inspired because I love the simplicity and stories past represented in the cotton stem–reminds us to live simply, treasure the vintage and the timeless, and I just love the soft colors and textures.
My favorite thing about Instagram is connecting with like-minded people passionate about similar things! My IG style is plain and simple I love decor, diy’s, capsule wardrobe, styling posts, flat lay photos….kinda love it all!
Oh man, way too many IG BFF’s to name!  Some of the sweetest and most encouraging people are on IG. Lucky to have “met” them there!
 Coffee or Tea kind of gal? Coffee all the way!
One tip for those trying to build their IG following is to be kind and use your feed/influence to help others along the way–it always comes back around.
One thing people may not know about me is  that I was a high school English teacher for years…but I stink at spelling.  Oh the irony.  😉
What makes me laugh? My husband, my kids, people who don’t take themselves too seriously.
(Erin’s She Shed)
Head over to her blog to read more about her home decor projects and her famous capsule series. She is definitely one to follow.

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