Farmhouse Style Decorating for Spring

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I am so in love with Farmhouse decor….and  you may be asking yourself “What exactly is farm-house decor?” Well in my eyes it’s shiplap walls, big porches, picket fences, and lots of brown, burlap, and neutral color palettes. It’s light, it’s airy, and it feels like home.

If you are anything like me and you spend your T.V. time watching Chip and Joanna transform houses for deserving couples..yearning for a home that looks like something out of a scene from a magazine. Most days I leave my house and wish when I come home my house will be replaced with a little adorable farmhouse. Now first I must say I do like my home but the “farm girl” in me is ready to bust out and get back to her roots. I have always wanted a farm to grow old on. Raise kids, grand-babies (one day far far and away) and just craft my days away while watching my goats jump around (one day I will have goats, husband mark my words).So a few months ago it hit me It will probably be years before we retire from the military and actually end up in this dream farmhouse of mine so I shall do the next best thing. I will leave my primitive black decor in the dust and bring the farmhouse decor to me.

So here are some changes I am making around my own home and some pics of some friends decor t give you some lighter, farmhouse decor ideas to spark some ideas you can use in your own stylish way.

open shelvingFirst I love Open Shelving. Messing with your kitchen can bring some anxiety but having open shelving is a look that makes all the difference. But if you are not ready to commit to ripping your kitchen apart you can always build some open shelving in a small niche in your kitchen or dining area.



BBNext I would recommend looking into Butcher Block Countertops…or even create a kitchen island to bring that country look into your kitchen. I don’t think anything else says farmhouse like wooden countertops or accents. It’s a look that other counter tops can’t come close to. They are so versatile and I just love them.


FHNext nothing beats a Farmhouse Sink. This is one item that has been on my wish list for a while now. It’s a classic farm-house fixture that is in high demand and is in my eyes a staple of any kitchen. Plus this would be a perfect place to give my baby goats a bath one day (husband would love that). Little hint check your local Ikea store they sell them for pretty reasonable prices.




ACWhat would a farmhouse be without Farmhouse White Dishes. In my case this is where my Rae Dunn Pottery addiction ties in well. I think this is a simple way to bring the farm feel to any home. You can pick up white dishes anywhere. I picked up my Rae Dunn items at Kirkland’s, Homegoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. You can always look at thrift stores and garage sales. Even if something is to rusted or out of sorts….its nothing that a few coats or chalk paint can’t handle.




FH TableOur staple of our home is our Farmhouse Kitchen Table that my husband built. Now these can be pretty pricey if you go to furniture stores but with my crafty husband we just went to and pulled some plans for a table and he made it in one day and it only cost us about $250.00. It’s sturdy and its gorgeous so it’s a win-win for us. I would recommend seeking out someone to build you one it will be way cheaper than paying retail from a distributor.  Plus this allows you to custom design the look, length, and color you want. You can have is stained, painted, distressed, the possibilities are endless.
FH2Now the fun part…decorating your home with farmhouse fabrics, linens, and burlap oh my! Now this is still a work in progress for me however my friend Kristianna has mastered this look.
Look at how she adds in pops of greenery for texture & color. She keeps everything else neutral so it keeps a clean airy space. She adds in candles for the coziness, blankets & pillows in baskets always adds a homey vibes! And she adds an area rug for a large space to finish off her farmhouse look.
She takes simple furniture and adds small settle pops of color while keeping a clean and light look to each and every piece. She pays such attention to detail and its all the little subtle accent pieces like the beads or the spindles that make you feel at home on the farm.
FH 4  FH 3
Next to me one of the most important parts a home is the Entry Way. From the moment someone walks into your house they should feel at home. Some people never make it past your entry way so that to me is a statement area that needs to shine. Kristianna wins again for her display of a perfect entry way. It’s so pretty and staged to look flawless yet livable. 4 Stars girl you are definitely a talented one in the area of home decor. Do you have a spare bedroom? Room for one more because I already feel at home just looking at your pictures.
HutchNext I absolutely love furniture. Those one of a kind pieces that just make a statement and have a wow factor. Now you may think to yourself “My budget doesn’t allow for a furniture shopping spree.” Well I am here to tell you I have made some of the most amazing pieces of garage sale items and curb finds. There is no piece of furniture that a little bit of chalk paint can’t bring back to life.
ABSo start stalking your thrift stores and try to see past the paint and look at the piece and keep an open mind. Let your imagination take over and trust me the results will leave you more than satisfied. If you’re not an artistic one I am sure you can find someone who is that can help you transform the piece into something beautiful.
ST14Now last but not least is in the decor. In all those little finds and pieces we talked about above. It’s the details that can make your house a home. So start pounding the payment and look at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, the sky is the limit. And if you need some inspiration take to Pinterest trust me there is plenty to inspire you there.
So whatever your style may be…you can always find a way to make your house a home even if you are always on the move like us with the military. You can take the girl away from the farm but you can never take the farm away from the girl.
Special thank  you to some of our White Walls members for sharing their decor photos with us for the article.



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