My Favorite Instagram Shoppes

Since I  joined Instagram I have been blessed to meet and pair with some AMAZING individuals. So what better way to start 2017 then with a shout out to some of my most favorite’s Shoppes.

Instagram is an amazing community.. full of support and friendship in an unexpected place. Whether it is joining with other Shoppes for giveaways , or rallying together to support someone in need my IG family and friends are a strong sense of support.




Alyssa from @timberntwine is my sister from another mister…… IG BFF to say the least! This girl has amazed me since the beginning of my IG journey. She is one of the most talented individuals that I have been blessed to come across on IG. She embodies all things DIY and makes the most amazing wood furniture you will ever find. We connected from the start and our friendship is something I have valued from the beginning. As most of the IG community, I collect Rae Dunn Pottery and Alyssa went on a manhunt to get me the BEST present ever for Christmas. She even created a “Don’t Tell Wendy” group to try to find me the perfect gift. I have never had anyone work so hard to make my day. Even  though we live miles apart I feel her support and friendship everyday. Thank you for all you do Alyssa and for the caring person you are. The world could stand for a few more people just like you!!!


Abbi @littlesuburbanfarm

I have dreamed of the day I have a farm full of goats and other animals roaming around…..until then I will live vicariously through Abbi and her farm. She also is a Rae Dunn Dealer and such a dear friend. I love looking at photos of how she decorates her farm-house and the love she has for animals. She is one of the kindest souls I have been blessed to run across and she is #onetofollow that’s for sure!




Kristy is one of the hardest working individuals I have met on IG. She showed me how the IG community pulls together to build each other up and help one another succeed. Instagram isn’t about competition, it’s about respect and having fun. Kristy truly amazes me and her work is one of a kind. With all the sign makers on IG she truly stands in a class of her own.



rhonda @hallstromhome

Rhonda has one of those feeds you truly want to crawl in every photo and say “I’m Home.”  Her custom mirrors are a work of art and her linens are fit for a King. I have followed her since I joined IG and hope for the day I can decorate my bed and bathroom with her gorgeous shams and shower curtains. If you don’t follow her,  you should, it’s just that simple.



Dallin & Jer @bexleyslc

This dynamic duo is a perfect pair in my book. Like my family owned small business these two create some of the cutest signs I’ve seen on Instagram. Bonus: if you follow the Bexley Boys you get to watch Dallin’s instastories and his comedic personality is sure to make you smile.



 carrie @vintagedayz

Carrie is one of those Shoppes who just makes me smile when I think about her. Such a kind heart and she is always someone who her comments just make you smile when you need it the most. She was one of the first people I met on IG and we have been friends ever since. It is amazing how you build bonds with individuals you have never met but trust me in the fact you want this girl in your corner because she is an amazing soul!



 NINI @flowersbynini

Congrats to this new momma and one of the kindest hearts on IG. She is amazing when it comes to paper decor. Nini creates home decor, magnets, and beautiful flower arrangements. I love to display the amazing bouquet she made me and recommend checking out her Etsy shop to see all her items. Our friendship has bloomed over the months and I love working with this gal!






Can’t say enough about my momma. Her handcrafted items including her pillows just amaze me. I am pretty sure she gave me every ounce of my creative side. I’ve learned so much over the years and I thank her for all her love and support. She and my father are a huge part of our small business and I am so lucky to work alongside them each and every day.


And I have saved the best for last…….

 MIKE @timberknot_woodworking

My husband amazes me more and more every day that I am blessed to be by his side. He is new to IG but a force to be reckoned with. His love for woodworking and talent to craft a simple board into the most amazing creations, knocks the wind right out of me. I am blessed to share a passion and a future with someone who compliments me so well. We love everything we build and hope to continue it for years to come.




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