Good Old Days

good oldI am one of those people who wave at others when I drive by. I am also the person who let’s the car go, who is trying to merge into traffic. The person who talks to strangers everywhere I go (Drives my husband CRAZY)….

What happen to the good old days where people talked to their neighbors. Everyone was always outside working in their yards exchanging tools and cookware. What happened to the days of sitting on the back of the truck, on a dirt road, watching the sun set.


life happensSometimes I wish I could go back in time, to when I was young and things seemed so much easier. I had so much imagination as a child, I would write the most creative stories. But then I grew up and stress seemed to take over.  I can remember putting on my jeans, white t-shirt, my hair in braid, and painting my toe nails that perfect shade of pink glitter.


enjoyLooking back to my childhood the things that seemed to make me happy and satisfy me, seemed so much simpler back then. Sometimes it feels like the world is so crazy and everything is so fast-paced. Now it seems that being happy is conditional and situational. Everyone is looking for success, money, recognition, achievement, the perfect job, perfect house, and to put it simply a bigger status..



One thing I have learned in my life of trying to chase happiness is that my pride and my satisfaction is not idealized, it comes in having faith in what I can’t control. Chasing success and recognition has left me exhausted and unhappy. Luckily that feeling has given me a hunger to find things that inspire me.

grandpaMy grandparents were married for ? years and divorce was not something that was mentioned they loved each other to their core. They stood beside each other, worked out their problems, and kept all their promises. They were dairy farmers and they worked harder than anyone I have ever known. We always say “God broke the mold when he made Grandpa” he was just one of kind  and that type of msn don’t exist in today’s modern world. At my grandparents house we would sit together around the table for all our meals as a family. That feeling of unity has been something I still yearn for. We took the time to just “be” with each other.

everythingEverything has changed so many advances and what we view as progress, seems so distant from all the good things I remember as a child. We lose touch with people who mean the most to us. We forget to tell those around us how  much we love them.



I decided awhile ago to keep a journal, I have always loved to write and it helps me keep my ideas organized. It also allows me to write thoughts down as they come to me. I also try to use the word “thank you” as often as possible. Sometimes we get so busy in life we don’t take the time to pause and say those two very important words.

take cahnceAnd I always talk to strangers, because I believe in positive interactions. Talking to people makes me feel like I am taking life by the horns. I have met some of the most amazing people in my life through chance meetings. I truly believe in taking time each day to pause and SAVOR important moments. We are always rushing around in life, so I try to be more present and life life, not just survive it. I recommend buying some flowers and to stop (Literally, stop, and smell them). Sit on your porch and feel the sun on your face. Color with your children or read them a book. I promise taking the time to savor a moment every day, will increase your happiness, and decrease your negative feelings.

sun faceI have always been a pretty positive person but I had to train myself to start enjoying my life, instead of just moving through it. I tell myself to stop looking for happiness and just soak up all the moments in my life (because that is happiness slapping you in the face). Find a way to connect with those you love in life, your family and friends. When you have a tough day they will be right there for you offering support. Managing stress is important for all of us and sometimes just having coffee with a friend and talking is just what you need.

I often wish I could have a conversation with my 14-year-old self. I feel like I would tell myself “Try to get to know everyone in your life that meant something to you”. I wish I would have asked my grandma to teach me how to make a quilt, and my grandfather to teach me to drive the old Ford truck. So many things I wish I would have known then, that I know now.

childreWhen we are young ,we truly don’t know how much everything is going to change. When we are young our innocence blinds us, and we have no idea what the world is or how fast it changes. As children our innocence is one of  our best qualities ,one that most of us lose along the way.


The day when boys held the door open, and would walk us to the door. The days of payphone’s, polaroids, and making cassettes mixes of our favorite songs. We had to pay cash for gas and learn how to drive tractors before cars. We used to wait in line for our turn, and we had to earn everything we wanted with our own two hands.

i walkIsn’t it funny how a song or a smell can take us back. I felt so alive as a child and had so much energy. Weird how a memory can take us back to an exact moment in time so clearly. I bump into friends from my younger days and look at how our lives have taken us in so many different directions (never where we had planned). We all grew wings and left home, and I often wonder if anyone thinks about me and where I ended up. I find myself thinking about friends and wondering how they turned out and if they are happy. We had so many good times as kids together and I stop and think Did I leave an imprint on anyone in my life?



We need to hold on to these memories so we can remember what made us and pass that on to our children. We can’t change who we are and it’s too late to go home, but our memories stay strong. We can look at photos and tell our kids stories of our childhood to keep our memories alive. Our children are our legacy and what they take away from our past is important. One day we will be a memory and what do we want people to remember about us?


enjoylifeThe downside of growing up is the long hard lessons of learning to stand on our own two feet. We all have to take a road wherever that may be to get where we are meant to be. There may be ups and downs, laughter and tears. All of these emotions and experiences are how we learn about life, love, and pain. Before we know it we are all grown up and look back on what seems like a simpler time. We all find our way and it usually is not where we thought we would end up, but we are so glad we did. Life is short so get up off your knees and grab it by the horns and enjoy every last minute!








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