Home Security Upgrades To Try This Spring

Home Security Upgrades To Try This Spring


Now that spring is here it is important for us to start looking at ways to refresh the house and bring some more fun and life to the space. Spring cleaning is the ideal opportunity to have a reshuffle in the house and upgrade the space a little more. One of the things you can also think of doing during your cleaning fest is to try some home security upgrades for your living space too. Today we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do to the home this year to make it more secure and safe for spring and summer.

Secure the garage

If you have a garage at the side of your house, it is important for you to think about garage door repair and making sure that the structure itself is totally secure and safe. This will include taking a deeper look at the brickwork around the garage itself, inspecting the roof and making sure it is sealed; and also being sure that the locks on the doors are strong enough to keep your valuables safe from robbers.


Upgrade your fences

One of the elements in our garden which can often be taken for granted and neglected are the fences. When we are looking for ways to increase the overall security of the home it is important for us to look at upgrading the fence panels which surround the front and the back of the house. One of the things you can do to ensure things stay even more secure is to replace wood with metal or concrete.


Light it up outside

The main thing we always have to do when securing the home is think about ways to deter anyone from approaching our home and targeting it for a robbery. A lot of the time when people plan to rob a home they will take a few times to scope out the area and find the easiest target. If you take the time and the effort to install some motion sensor lighting around the perimeter of your home you will be able to stop people from wanting to try and rob you full stop.


Install a visual burglar alarm

Another helpful way to deter anyone from trying to get into your home is to have a burglar alarm in the house which is easily visible by anyone from the street outside. Not all alarms will be obvious at first and this can lull robbers into a sense of security and they will target your home. Chances are if they see a huge alarm glaring at them from the house they will pack up and leave.


Increase gate security

It is so important for anyone in their house to make sure that the outside doors and gates are well secured and safe. Over time a gate can become damaged by the weather and it can rust, and this makes it a lot more susceptible to being broken into. Make sure that you check up on your gates and if they aren’t as secure as they can be, it might be a good idea for you to think about buying a new gate entirely.


Safely store spare keys

When it comes to storing spare keys at home there are of course a few different things you will want to think about. You need to be sure that your keys are stored somewhere that you will remember and easily get to, but also somewhere that no one else will think to look. One of the more clever ways to do this is to take a plastic plant pot and plant it into the ground, place your keys in here and then put some fake flowers or an ornament on top of the hole to cover it.

Secure your outdoor buildings

If you have a garage or a shed in your back garden you might use these buildings to store things such as your garden tools, bikes and other things. Make sure that you always leave tools such as crowbars and shovels and saws well locked away because if someone can get a hold of one of these things it can be a huge security risk for you and your family.

Protect bikes

If you have bikes in the back garden or stored elsewhere you need to make sure that you get a coded padlock to keep it safe and secure. People will always look for ways to steal bikes because they are easy to get away on and easy to sell on, so by making them harder to get to this will protect your things and ensure that they stay where they are.


Lock down garden valuables

If in your garden you have any water features, expensive pots and plants and furniture, you need to be sure that these are as hard to take as they possibly can be. You can add locks to some of the pieces and this can be a good way to keep them secure, and there are other ways which you can ensure no one is able to move items out of the garden.


Secure the car

If you have a car at the front of the house, this will likely be one of the single biggest targets in your house for being stolen and taken somewhere else. It is incredibly important for you to keep your car secure and locked and this can include several different things. One of the ways to make sure you car stays safe is to have it inside a garage away from the street. If you have a nice car especially this can be a good thing because it means that robbers are less likely to target your home. You can also think about having a strong gate to keep it inside. And finally you can also think about adding some roadblocks to the bottom of your drive away. It means that when you drive up to the house at the end of the day you can pull them up and this will stop anyone being able to drive your car into the road.


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