How to make house windows more energy efficient

How to make house windows more energy efficient

If you live in an old home and have not replaced or repaired the home since, chances are that your windows are not energy efficient. You might think that replacing the windows is the best option however it may be a costly affair. Having energy efficient windows is important as windows that are not adequately insulated could increase your energy bill.

5 solutions to more efficient windows

  1. Seal all the gaps – older windows may not be sealed properly. The first step is to find the gaps and seal them. It may not be that simple to find all the gaps in a window just by glancing at them. It may be easier to do this in the dark, using a flashlight to show you where all the gaps are. Once you do locate the gaps, you should use caulking or weatherstripping to seal them. This ill make your windows energy efficient immediately.
  2. Get window glazing – there are two types of window glazing to choose from: double glazed and single glazed. Double glazed windows have two layers of glass that are separated by a layer of gas. The window helps keep warm air in the room and keeps cold air out. It also reduces the amount of noise that gets into the home. Another option is to add a layer of glass to an existing window. This requires meticulous and accurate measurements.
  3. Upgrade window frames – it is good to upgrade the window frames you have, to energy efficient ones. This is also much more cost effective than replacing an entire window unit. You should opt for window frames that have a WERS label.
  4. Buy upgraded window coverings – although this option does not make the window more energy efficient, it can assist in blocking out the sun’s rays and drafts, to keep your home warm and cosy. You should also learn the correct times to open and close your curtains. It is advisable to close your curtains at night when there is a drop in temperatures and open them during the day when the sun is out.
  5. Energy efficient window film is one of the best ways to upgrade your windows. It will make your home more energy efficient and block out the infrared and ultraviolet rays.

It is important to note that:

  1. Window change is not new, most people have to do window repairs and replacement ever so often.
  2. You must appreciate the value of old windows; you can do this by making small changes to your old windows to make them energy efficient instead of replacing the whole window. You can get insulated glass repairs done on windows that are troublesome.
  3. Get an energy audit – this will determine if your windows really are energy efficient or not. It will clearly define where energy is being lost the most.

It is important to take care of leaks and gaps before they become worse and more costly. Small gaps are easy to fix and won’t require much money or work.


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