Is It Time to Update Your Furniture?

Is It Time to Update Your Furniture?


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Furniture tends to be one of those things that we buy when we’re moving into a property and then keep until it gives up on us by breaking and we have no choice but to trade it in for a new model. We very rarely swap good condition furniture – many of us question why we’d want another version of what we already have. But when it comes down to it, furniture can have a huge effect on the overall aesthetic of any space and if you fancy sprucing up your home, new furniture really could make the space feel entirely different in next to no time. So, let’s take a moment to ask ourselves – is it time to update the furniture?

Considering What You Want

If you’re open to change, you should start out by considering what style you want to go for. Industrial furniture that incorporates timber and metal legs or finishes will give a room an industrial feel. Rustic furniture made from oak can give a farmhouse feel – especially if you invest in a particularly large dining table. More sleek designs can give a more modern or minimalist touch. To decide on an aesthetic, you might benefit from using Pinterest boards to browse different examples of furniture within interior design.


Sourcing Your Furniture

Once you know what you want, it’s time to source it. Whenever buying furniture, make sure to use a reliable furniture store. This will guarantee you quality. Many stores also have showrooms, which means you can head in and actually take a look at the furniture in real life before investing in it. This can help you to visualise how it would look in your home. Alternatively, you can have furniture custom made by a specialist craftsperson or tradesperson. Just make sure that these individuals are legitimate and request to see a portfolio. You don’t want to just transfer money over to someone you’ve never met before.


Selling Your Old Furniture

Once your new furniture is ordered, you will generally have a waiting period before it is dispatched and delivered to you. So, take this opportunity to sell your old furniture. There are always people looking for second hand pieces out there – whether they are looking for something unique or they are simply trying to save a little money. Use sales apps like eBay and Shpock for good results. Take good quality pictures of your furniture – try to take these pictures in the day so the furniture is well lit by natural light. Determining a price can be relatively difficult, so browse similar items for sale to give yourself a good idea of what your furniture is worth. Generally speaking, you will have to get buyers to pick furniture up or organise a courier, as these items are generally too large to post.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to update your furniture, hopefully the above advice will help you along the way! You’ll have new pieces in your home before you know it!


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