Key things to know about co-living spaces

Key things to know about co-living spaces

The current rental market has made it very difficult for people to find affordable accommodation in good areas. There aren’t many options for those wanting to rent and if they do find a small cheap apartment, they usually have to travel very far to get to work. The other option that people may consider is checking Craigslist for a roommate but that comes with its own problems as well. Co-living is becoming increasingly popular in expensive cities as people are now able to experience high end living at a fraction of the price that they would normally pay.

Why co-living?

Less commitment – with co-living you are not bound to a contract or lease. You can stay for a short or long period, without any hassle. Most rentals only permit people to stay if it is over a year however with co-living, you can stay for as little as 3 months.

Prices are suitable – The amount that you spend on rent is much more affordable than traditional rentals. You also get so much more for your money. You have the opportunity to rent a furnished room in a well-equipped house for a fraction of the price that you would pay to rent alone. You share common rooms like the dining room and kitchen but still have your own bedroom if you need privacy.

Utilities are provided – these homes come fully stocked with utilities and the fee for using them is included in your monthly rental fee. You have access to the television, internet, cleaning services, household repairs and even kitchen supplies.

The need for community and family – in todays world people are missing interaction with people. Everything is so fast paced and there is an app for everything, which makes us less dependent on each other and more dependent on technology. This means that the basic human need to “belong” is missing in most people and co living provides a sense of belonging. Living with individuals helps one to foster relationship and grow in them.

Co-living may not appeal to private people who enjoy their own space however for those who sometimes feel alone in the big city, it is ideal. Most people find that the y enjoy spending time with their roommates and many even begin traditions of having meals together, sharing the responsibility of cooking and ensuring that there is always someone to talk to. This is vital as people living in big cities may need to speak to someone about their day or what they are facing and may sometimes need advice. It is good to know that there are people in your home whom you can count on.

If you have kids, this can even be a bonus as you won’t need to pay for babysitting services. If you need to go out on an errand, you can ask one of your housemates to watch your kids, for free. Co-living may not be suitable for everyone but it does come with many great benefits for those willing to take a chance.


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