Look After Your Home Even When You Aren’t In It

Look After Your Home Even When You Aren’t In It

Going away on vacation should be an exciting time, but for most homeowners it can also be quite a nervous period. That’s because they might end up constantly worried about their property back at home. It could be obvious to passersby that no one is home, and this could encourage thieves and burglars to try to make their way inside. Thankfully, though, there are a few steps you can take to try to look after your home even when you aren’t in it. Read on to find out more!

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Automate Your Home

Sometimes, it’s not the worry of burglars that plagues our mind while we are on vacation. Often, it can be more mundane issues, like worrying whether or not you left the heating on or wondering if you accidentally left a bedroom light on. Thanks to home automation, you can banish those worries for good. You just need to install smart devices and appliances and then sync them to your mobile. You will then be able to control them from your phone no matter where you are in the world. And that means you’ll be able to enjoy a lot more peace of mind!


Should You Close The Curtains?

Some people might tell you to close the curtains while you are away so that no one can peep through your windows and see all of your belongings. This might make sense on the face of it, but wouldn’t closed curtains through the daytime look a bit suspicious? Someone might pass your home and twig that no one is in, and they might be tempted to get inside. So, the best piece of advice regarding your curtains is to have them how you would normally during the day.


Give Spare Keys To A Friend

Don’t leave your spare keys underneath your doormat or a plant pot in your garden. These are the first places a burglar will look for them. Instead, it’s a much better idea to give them a friend to look after. Your friend will then also be able to pop around your house to check everything is OK while you are away.


Install CCTV

It’s always good to try to deter a burglar from trying to enter your home as much as possible. There are various ways you can do that, but one method that has been shown to be very effective is installing CCTV cameras to the exterior of your property. As soon as an intruder spots the cameras, there is no way they will want to come any closer to the house and risk getting their face caught on film.


Turn Off Your Water

Burglars aren’t the only threat to your home while you are away. If the weather is quite cold, you should turn off your property’s water. This will prevent any leaks caused by frozen pipes bursting. The stopcock for your home should be underneath the kitchen sink.

Now you can have peace of mind whenever you and your family go away on vacation!


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