Low Maintenance Living: A Simple Guide

Low Maintenance Living: A Simple Guide

While its a lot of fun to live in a home that looks the part, it can be a lot to work as well. Of course, for most people with families to raise and full-time jobs, finding the time and the energy to not only decorate and restore their home but maintain it once it’s done can be tough. That is unless you go for low maintenance options all around. A topic you can find out more on in the post below.

Do pay careful attention to the structure of your home.

First of all, it’s essential to realize that to have a home that is low maintenance, you need to have the underlying structure right. What this means is that when you buy, rent, or renovate your property, it worth putting some time into getting things like the foundations, roof, supporting beams and walls checked. You especially need to look out for things like mold, woodworm, and subsidence.

The reason for this is that no matter how well you have everything else organized if the basis of your structure is not correct, it will never be low maintenance. In fact, all of the issues listed above will not only interfere with the way you live, but they can also pose a danger to the safety of those living in the building and the value of structure and contents within it as well.

To that end, if you want a low maintenance life, get the infrastructure of your building looked over and sorted ASAP.


Don’t fall behind on your cleaning.

Not many people really like cleaning, but it is a job that needs to be done regularly if you want your home to be well maintained. Of course, the trick her to clean enough that your home looks good and is hygienic but no so much that it becomes like a second job!

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Happily, there are some tactics you can use to prevent your cleaning duties getting out of hand. One is to schedule in all cleaning tasks from the daily and weekly jobs, and especially the big ones such as spring clean, changing the bedding as the season changes, and even pulling out furniture and cleaning under. Then you will know precisely when each job was last done and make sure things get cleaned regularly.

Additionally, using a clean as you go system, where you clean up any mess you make as you are doing the job that makes it so can help you live a much more love maintenance lifestyle. After all, by doing so, you can cut down on time formally dedicated to cleaning and spend it doing things that are much more fun and rewarding instead.  


Do go for easy care finishes wherever possible.

Easy care finishes are a low maintenance lifers best friend. Luckily, they come in all sorts of different varieties including interior paint, which allows you to wash your walls if you get any stains on it, or if the kids decide to draw a lovely picture on them!

You can also get easy care countertop coatings for the kitchen and bathroom, which means a quick wipe with an anti-bac spray and you are good to go. Something much more manageable than using wooden work surfaces that need to be sealed and oiled regularly.

You can even get decorative exterior wall coatings as well. These being something you can go to a professional that specializes in exterior coating services to get done. In fact, not only will the outer wall coating make the outside of your home look great, but they will also protect it from the weather as well. Something that means you will have to perform maintenance on your exterior walls much less often.


Selecting an exterior coating for you home can help minimize maintenance.


Don’t be afraid to get a professional to help.

A lot of people don’t like the idea of getting a professional involved when it comes to making their lives more low maintenance, but it can actually be an excellent idea.

For example, if you have a single specific task that needs doing giving it to a professional is not only a great way of preserving your own time but also ensuring that it gets done right the first time. Something that can help you save money and time on any corrections later on.

Additionally, while it may seem like a luxury to have someone come in regularly and help you with your home maintenance and cleaning jobs, it can also be a much better way to manage your maintenance workload.

After all, if it takes you an entire day to wash all the windows in your home, it may well be much better value to pay a professional that can get it done within an hour. The reason being that not only will you have less disruption to deal with, but you get to take a break and put your feet up while it being done as well.


Don’t let your home get overrun with clutter.

Lastly, when it comes to your home, something that can make all maintenance jobs even harder to deal with is if you have lots of clutter preventing you from getting to them. Of course, decluttering can be thought of a home maintenance job in itself too, as it can certainly take up a significant amount of time.

Happily, there is an approach that you can use to minimize this issue in your home, and its to do one big declutter in the style of KonMari, and then adopt a more minimalist approach to buying new things. This being a system whereby you go through several checks before you buy anything new. Something that can help you make sure that you actually need the item and aren’t just buying on impulse or for the thrill of spending money.

This should then help to reduce the build-up of clutter in your home, and so, in turn, make it much more maintainable and much easier to perform maintenance tasks when they do need doing. Something that makes it perfect for folks looking to live a much more a low maintenance lifestyle.


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