Making Living Easier In An Old Property

Making Living Easier In An Old Property

There’s a certain allure that an old property has for buyers, and when you purchase one of your own, it’s not quite like living in a brand new build. In a newly built property, nothing has been used yet, and the build of the property is going to be much more advanced. So here is how to make living easier in an old property.

External Utilities

Sometimes for an old property, it might not always be the most reliable, so it’s worth having a backup supply should anything internally fall apart. Gas bottles are great to have, and easy enough to buy so that you have something available should you need it to be able to cook. A water tank is also good for water supplies, so something like Team Poly is good for water storage, no matter how small or big your household may be.

Keep Your Home Dry

For most homes, it’s important to reduce the risks of damp as they can be hindering to the structure of your home and for an older property, this could end up causing a lot of money in repair costs. Keep an eye on your roof in particular and around your windows, to make sure there’s no obvious gaps or cracks that could let the water come through. Also, make sure you unblock your guttering on the outside of the property as this is a typical source of damp and water damage for the home.

Regular Maintenance Is Key

Regular maintenance is cost-effective, so if you want to save yourself money, then it’s important to keep on top of it all. Keeping on top of the maintenance is more important when you have an older property because the risks are much greater if certain things go unnoticed. So, to avoid any nasty surprises, make sure to check every aspect of your property on a more regular basis and if you’re concerned of anything that doesn’t look right, get a professional out to have a look. A lot of maintenance, you can actually do yourself such as filling in cracks with cement or bleeding your radiators.

You could also benefit from having a log book of anything that’s gone wrong and then you know to keep a more fixed eye on those issues and hopefully catch them before they happen.

Install Energy Efficient Appliances

To save yourself money, you can make use of energy efficient appliances like solar panels to power more of your electronic equipment. This can be financially beneficial, but also from an older property point of view, it is a back up if you’re not able to install certain fittings into your home. With technology becoming so advanced, there’s now a lot more available that makes living in an older property, much easier.

So don’t shy away from older properties when searching for your next place. Sure they may need more work, but with the right amount of care, they can be just as functional as newer properties. They also have more character than newer properties!

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