Man The Hatches! How To Control A Leaking Sink

Man The Hatches! How To Control A Leaking Sink

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What do you do when the sink begins to furiously leak everywhere!? Well the first thing you do is to not panic. The more you lose your cool the more you will lose control of the situation. It depends on how bad your leak is. If there are literally gallons of water just spraying around the home wildly, then you need to stop reading this and go and call a plumber as soon as possible. But, if you have a leak that is bucket worthy and perhaps you’re wrapping a towel around the pipes to stop a puddle from forming, then keep reading. Firstly, you will need to replace the materials right away. Even if it is a fitting issue, it’s best to swap out the old plastic for the new. Then you will see if it’s a design issue. You never know, the previous owners might have done some remodelling and the sink isn’t how it should be. Lastly, check your pressure of the incoming pipes.


Time for an inspection

First thing you need to do is to turn the water off from the mains. This will stop the pumping of water into your home but flipping a valve in the ground main pipe. Then you will need to bleed the water out of the pipes in the home so you can get to work without another leak occuring. Once this is done, you can pull the plumbing apart and see what the issue is. You can’t really get a good look at the problem, by kneeling down twisting your head and holding a torch in your mouth. Take apart the pipe, and shine the torch inside. Look for rupture marks such as slits and gashes. If it is a pipe issue with regards to internal or external damage, then replacing the part could solve the problem easily.


The weakest link

Plumbing is a management of pressures. Everytime there is a bend in the piping, a weak point is formed. The fitting is the point where the direction of the water travel changes. This means the pressure of the water also changes and thus these two things make fitting points the weakest link in the plumbing system. If you do have a problem with the fittings, then consider buying brand new pvc furniture fittings instead. There are various pvc fittings that are more angular than others and some are for joining pipes together along a horizontal line. The pvc sch 40 fitting is a duel screw fitting with a thick robust cog fitting in the center. This is great for low pressure pipes such as indoor plumbing. If you want some extra strength but less water volume, then get the qest fitting options.


Obstruction in the passage


Leaks can happen for any reason. One of the main concerns you should have is the simple clogging of the plumbing. Take the pipes apart and give them a good rinse and clean from the inside. Wipe away any limescale or grime that could be causing the obstruction.

Leaks can turn into full blown bursting pipes so if you can catch the issue quickly, you could save yourself a lot of money and grief. Control the leak and inspect each pipe and fitting.


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