Managing Your Stress During The Big Move

Managing Your Stress During The Big Move

If you have problems with stress, then you might truly dread the challenge of moving home. It’s regularly rated as one of the most stressful moments in the average person’s life and it can be a significant challenge. However, with a little preparation and a little self-care, you can get through it.


Remember to focus on the positive

Learning how to use mindfulness is great for managing your stress during big moments in your life. If you catch yourself getting stressed, you can identify what led to it, and get a little more control over your own emotional reactions to certain thoughts or stimuli. A good way to redirect those thoughts is to make a list ahead of time of why you’re excited to move. What are you moving to? What do you like about the new area? What will your future there be like? Remind yourself of the good in the move so you can get through the bad.


Spend some time on self-care

Whether it’s before the movers arrive or after they finally leave and you’re at the new home, take the time to put the packing and unpacking aside and to invest in a little self-care. Psychology Today shows some great examples of self-care activities, such as taking a warm bath, listening to running water, lighting a scented candle or simply relaxing outside and looking up at the night sky. When you’re not in the thick of it, remember that the move is only temporary.

Plan well in advance

You’re only going to be adding to your stress if you’re doing all the organizing, packing, and cleaning within a couple of days. It’s good to start preparing for the move at least three weeks in advance if you have that time. Get in touch with moving teams like On The Go Moving to understand how you’re going to actually move all your stuff as soon as possible. Ensure that you inform who you need to inform about the move. Spend a couple of days getting rid of what you don’t need, whether you sell or donate it. Then, pack away a room at a day, leaving out only the things you need to make it through those last few days.

Surround yourself with feel-good totems

When it comes to unpacking, it’s good to start by unpacking a few items that can help you find your center, relax, and inject a little positivity into the day. Adding a few new personal touches, like incorporating your hobby into your décor or photo walls as shown by Jean Coutu, can help you maintain your balance once you finally arrive.

If possible, try to leave the last day before the move as free as possible. You might have to do a little last-minute packing and cleaning, but try to get a good meal, to spend time with your loved ones, and to get an early night. A physical break can help you be a little more mentally refreshed for the start of the big day, too.


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