Master Bathroom Remodel with

Master Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation 

After a year of planning our Master Bathroom renovation is underway! One thing we have learned with any DIY, is once you start there is no turning back. We are including the before (not so pretty) and the after (pretty…pretty…) We had so much fun working with too curate our master bathroom remodel with our new sinks and faucets to complete this space.

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Before Master Remodel

The Before

Our home was built in 1912, however our section of the house was a recent addition by previous owners.  They had done a wonderful job with the bathroom but the colors and style was not the “farmhouse style” look we wanted.

After we removed the counter

Counter is removed

The first thing we did was remove the stone countertop by using a 12″ crowbar. We carefully broke the silicone bead on the backsplash and the underside of the countertop. Once we had the countertop loose we could easily freely move and disconnect the water sources.

Old sinks are removed and off to their new home

Old Counter and Sinks

You can see here we carried the old counter and sinks in one piece outside.

While removing the old countertop backsplash we did run into some damage on the drywall. So we had to repair that with some wall putty. Make sure you feather the putty, let it dry properly, then we use the gator sand pads to smooth the space. We then had to repaint this part of the wall to match the previous paint color we added to the surrounding walls.

Ridgid Router R86044

Ridgid Router R86044

Now we had to dry fit the new butcher block countertop. Now it was time to determine the hole locations for the new sinks and faucets. I used my Ridgid Router R86044 with the Tools Today Amana tool MRR108 1/16 radius round over bit to remove all the sharp edges on the countertop.

Ridgid hand drill model number R86116

Ridgid hand drill R86116

After we completed the step we drilled all the holes for the fixtures. I used my battery powered Ridgid hand drill model number R86116.

Dewalt handheld sander model DWE6421

Dewalt handheld sander DWE6421

We finished all the holes and then sanded down the countertop, for a smooth finish.  To sand I used my Dewalt handheld sander model DWE6421 and used diablo sandpaper 120 grit thru 320 grit until the top was completely smooth. We sanded and did all the countertop work in the garage.

Homeright Super Finish Max Extra paint sprayer

Homeright Super Finish Max Extra

I decided to carry the countertop to a clean room, where I could safely add final clear coat. I use Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish Clear Coat and my Homeright Super Finish Max Extra paint sprayer (to water seal the counter top.) Sinks

Farmhouse Sinks

Now was the fun part…put it all back together!! We placed the new farmhouse sinks we picked out from  Added the new faucets and the new drains, and viola! Our bathroom remodel is off to an amazing start.

Finished Farmhouse Sink Installation

Finished Project with

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